Interior Lighting

Can anyone assist me with settings for interior lighting say for a theatre foyer? I have made a scene with a roof and I am having problems finding the right combination! Also I want to be able to spotlight a singer on a stage with various coloured lighting.Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Cheers


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 59,560

    That's a rather broad topic. The first thing you probably want to do isa djust your tone mapping values in Render Settings, since even a well-lit foyer is going to be relatively dark compared to th default outdoor scene. Then it's matter of either plonking point or spot lights in the position of the actual light soruces and/or making the msh for the light soruces glow (by setting a non-black Emission Colour if the model has Iray Uber Base applied and adjusting Luminance)

  • been using these since they first came out and they work |
    I build some flouresent light units and used a shader on the tubes
    and I've made bulbs 
    also just make spheres or planes and stuck them outside the camera view to light a scene 
    for real spotlight effects etc..
    the scenes below are lit with the surfaces from the set of shaders plus   the second one I did just to see what the lights looked like 

    continental with new chromew.jpg
    2000 x 1000 - 806K
    dogland interior 01 .jpg
    1772 x 790 - 676K
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