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I'm trying to create a new camera without success.

In DAZ Script IDE it works fine:

// Create a new cameravar oCam = new DzBasicCamera( );oCam.setName( "Test Camera" ); // Add the camera to the sceneScene.addNode( oCam );


DAZ SDK (from the documentation):

#include "dzcamera.h"DzCamera *cam = new DzBasicCamera(DzCamera::PERSPECTIVE_CAMERA);

I cannot find DzBasicCamera in any of the SDK's header files.

Is there any other way to add a camera to the scene?



  • Very strange.

    After restarting Visual Studio if was able to include dzbasiccamera.

    #include "dzbasiccamera.h"


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 86,120
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    In the SDK version you need to add the camera to the scene, as you do in the scripting exampleu. You also miss naming the camera. Rob supplies an example:

    DzCamera* cam = new DzBasicCamera();cam->setName( "Test Camera" );dzScene->addNode( cam );

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  • tonytony Posts: 0

    May I know where dzScene is initialized ?

    I am aware this is a global parameter, but my program is dying once it executes dzScene to do anything, and in the debugger, I found that its address is zero.

    By the way, I am playing SDK sapmle SceneLoaderApp.


  • surrealsurreal Posts: 103

    Hi Tony,

    Read this thread

    Hopefully it will help you understanding the SceneLoaderApp and why you are having problems.

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