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Hello I've been working with a mesh in Hexagon to create a tank top for Sydney. The pattern gets a little distorted in Poser when you bring it back in. I've tried to do some flattening with the UV Mapping tool in Hex. The back of the top straightens out fairly well. But the front with the bust area does not like to cooperate too well. The mesh on the front from the get go seems off like its sitting at a slant.

Not sure at that point if I've pinned wrong or maybe put a seam in the wrong place on the top straps.

Whats perplexing though is that when I go to flatten on the front the vertex tears or creates a new vertex. Curious if I'm going about it wrong or if you have any tips for correcting the distortion with this or other methods.

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    I'm guessing it is probably the placement of the pins - see the pin placement highlighted on the attached pic :)

    Your texture looks OK, though?

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    Thanks much, that did the trick. Interesting took a few times to pin it just right then suddenly it was where it needed to be

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    Glad it helped :)

    A rule of thumb for pinning is to place two on a centre line between cuts, one vert in from the outer edge. The idea is that the map unfolds symmetrically from the pins.

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