Easy was to strengthen edges

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Is their an easy way to strengthen all the edges once you get your project built. -- ?

I've seen one video where you sliced each component and used the edge tool on each end but is their no way to right click everything and
add an edge effect to strengthen the edges.


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    When you say "strengthen edges", is this so that the edges will remain sharp after smoothing?

    If so, there are several methods, depending on the structure - you can "extract around", keeping the extracted edges close to the original - the closer you keep them, the sharper the edge will be after smoothing. Same with "extract along, but only on one side of the edge.

    The other method is to use the smoothing function under "Surface modelling", select "Breaks" from the dialogue and select the edges you want to keep sharp.

    There is also "Partial smoothing" under "Smoothing by Bezier interpolation" under the same dialogue.

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    Thanks - That helps. !

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