Reselecting in Hexagon?

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I've got some faces selected in Hexagon, I've given them a material. If I deselect them can I reselect by material?
I can't see how to.
If I save this scene in Hexagon, with the faces selected, will the same file open in Hex with those faces selected?
In other words I need a way to reselect these faces without having to do it face by face all over again.



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    Yes, you can use shading domains to make selections. With the faces you want selected, go to the shading domains tab (click on the tiny arrow halfway down the left margin of the screen) click on new and name it. When you want to select again, simply click on the name.

    No, the faces won't still be selected when you re-open.

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    I've deleted and then... was it paste? and ended up with my faces selection as a separate form, which I renamed (again!)
    (I had Roads and my faces selections were the paths at the roadsides, this was all one object/form. Now I have Roads (one form) and Paths (another form).)

    I've tried using the domain names as you suggested, and it seemed to work for the paths, but my material (Paths) vanished and a new badly named material (material 37 or some such silliness) appeared.

    - Worse, when I tried the same (domain names) procedure on the 'Roads' faces - half of the selected faces became deselected and 2 new material942's turned up.

    (Why is it never material1?)

    Anyway, what's going on with these domain names?

    Pic shows me trying again - after closing Hexagon, and reopening it - but trying with the Roads alone - but when I click on the 'Domain0' to rename it more sensibly - half the selected faces become deselected - again!

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    Sorry, but I don't fully understand your question, or what process you followed:)

    As for the numbering of the materials, they normally start at 23, then 25, then 27 - why? No idea, but I'm sure the developers had a reason:)

    The lower numbered materials are probably associated with the hidden meshes I see in your properties panel. It really doesn't matter what numbering sequence is given to the materials - you should name them so you know what is associated with what.

    If I understand correctly, you are also asking about the re-naming of parts of your object?

    Take the simple example of a cube in an empty scene - when you first make it, it is named "Form 0". Extract a face, and you get a new "Form 1". Weld them back and "Form 0" and "Form 1" vanish and are replaced by a single new "Form 2". Any time you split a shape, a new shape is made and when you weld two shapes, that also makes a new shape.

    That is simply the way it works to keep track of changes:)

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