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It seems no matter what tweaking I do with hair texture and color, it always comes out ash blonde.

I am using the hair module, created a hair cap, grew the hair, put it on a head mesh. It looks good when rendered.

However, when I go to change the color, even though I set everything to either dark brown or black, it still looks like the hair was kissed by the sun. I've tried the highlights, shininess, etc. Nothin' gives.

Any recommendations?

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    so you are having a blonde moment :red:
    %-P sorry, had to say it! ;-P

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    ok, seriously, I use Carrara dynamic hair all the time in every shade of the rainbow and cat pelt pattern.
    are you using a preset shader with a texture map or a colour?
    what lighting set up have you got.

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    Since you changed the hair color, I'm guessing your lighting is affecting the hair color.

    Are you using an HDRI file with yellow tint or other lights that contrast with the hair to give it a yellowish tint?

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    I know you 've said that you have tried the highlight setting, but that is what is usually the problem.

    Because each single hair is treated like a cylinder every one will pick up a highlight and this will be spread throughout the hair making it lighter. It's also very sensitive to your lighting.

    Try turning the highlight to 0% just to see and then go up in 1% increments.

    Try setting the root colour to quite a bit darker than the tip colour to give some colour variation.

    I find a procedural shader as a multiplier on the colour can help break up solid blocks of colour.

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