A Guide to using Tweeners in 3D Animation (Tutorial)

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Tweeners are the motion between two keyframes of animation. Here I discuss a range of tweeners.


Without tweeners your animation would be horribly stop-start. The most basic tweener is to make no alteration to the time and distance or route that the object takes between two animation keyframes.

In this case the object with start, move and stop at a constant rate. In the real world there is inertia to take into account (the effort to start up, the slow down before a stop).

Some of these tweeners change the path as well from a constant to formula driven (for example moving in an arc).

I also talk about the parameters for each tweener.

The full list of tweeners I cover in this video are
- Linear.
- Bezier.
- Discrete.
- Formula.
- Oscilate.
- Noise Tweener.
- Spline.
- Velocity.

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