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I use Hexagon to construct pieces for print and sometimes I go back and forth between Hex and Sculptris to get the right details. The current project is to create a fully articulated action figure for my clients. I already went through the process of modeling each piece of the torso and then uploading them into Sculptris to sculpt the final details.

Just to see what other ways I could approach this and maybe I'll find a process that's a little better. I sculpted a singular piece below in Sculptris, and wanted to get ideas about how one would go about cutting it into the separate pieces with the action figure tooling in place.

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    I'd be tempted to go about it the other way.
    Since the action figure geometry is the critical part of the model in terms of functionality, why not model your joints connected to a template model or blank form that you can then sculpt into the desired shape. That way you can set up regions specific to the joints you need and know that whatever you do to the rest of the model, your joints will be connected and functional.

    You can also test out the working of the joints beforehand, using the figure blank.

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