Problems installing Chimp

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I've just downloaded and tried installing the chimp model but when I open Daz I can't find the chimp anywhere. Do I need to specify a specific folder in which to install? I'm a Mac user.


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    Well, I managed to get the model installed ok but can't find poses. I seem to be missing chimpanzee.rsr file. When the file was de-compressed it came up with an error file saying that it could be corrupted, which might explain why I don't have that file. Can anyone help?

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    Ah you are talking about an old product. RSR files were replaced ages ago, nowadays you get the little png images as thumbnails.

    I don't have the model myself, so am not certain if it actually came with poses.

    Some of the older installers are not downloading correctly from the new store.

    It is a known issue, and they are working on it.

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    I don't think the chimp came with any poses.

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    Checked this for you. No pose files included in the set, just the morphs of expresions found under paramaters.

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    I created some new skins and poses for the chimp I can get the link if you'd like or still needed them.
    I don't know if you are still looking for this or not but since I can now post in the forums I thought I'd give you the link anyway

    New skins for the chimp and some poses

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