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This is where we post entries in the RRRR But You Promised render contest.
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Tag: Jack #01
I promised to only drink one glass
Jack had promised his wife to only drink one glass at the pub before coming home
<Image of Jack sitting in a boat, in glass with a straw into the largest drink ever made>


  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 965

    Gopherus #01

    At the Hop

    You promised me a good time!  No limo… I had to ride in the back of a chili wagon!  A stinking rose corsage, give me a break! … It’s garlic!  And not once have you asked me to dance and they are already starting the Conga!  Next time I will spend the weekend at Bernie’s… He knows how to show a girl a good time!

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    tag: luci45 #1
    The BaptisMobile
    Mort promised Stacy when they married that their children would be baptised. He didn't much like the inside of churches, so was delighted to discover that little Maddie could be baptised in the open air. 

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    Gopherus #02

    I Am Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille!

    Cecil and his assistant Snowflake are casting for his latest remake of Aladdin, Aladdin 2020.  He had promised the Chow sisters private auditions for the roles of the dancing Harpies. And so, he is determined to keep that promise. 

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    tag: luci45 #2
    Broken Promises
    Mal-Chin promised himself that this year he would reveal his true feelings for Ha Rin, instead of again hiring The Ballon Frog with anonymous birthday greetings. The Balloon Frog promised himself that he would get a better job, soon. Ha Rin promised herself not to answer the door on her birthday this year. 

  • TotteTotte Posts: 10,927

    Tag: Totte #1

    The Anniversary Surprise

    Stefan had told Mei that he would make her a surprise for their first year anniversary, and Mei said over and over, nothing embarrassing please. Stefan let his friends at the highway patrol seal off the Tomalin Bridge, just when the Jupiter 7 Long Distance Cargo ship came down for landing. Embarrassing, you bet.

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    Tag: Totte#2

    But you promised not to kill me!

    Actor Sam Beune had been cast for a leading role in a new post apocalyptic series. He was promised that he should not die in the first season, but when he got the final script for the season finale, he was about to die, again, which made him very upset.

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    tag: luci45 #3
    The Newlyweds
    Oriana married Roland with high expectations. They would be living in his family home, a very, very large castle and, just for her, Roland promised that a new spa would be built and waiting for her. Oriana was flabergasted to learn that not all castles were, well, grand and lovely... Perhaps when she sees the new spa she will feel better, or not. 

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    tag: totte#3

    Yorick! You promised not to touch it!

    The party was inside the wizards treassure chamber, and Yorick the hobgoblin kid saw a shiny wand or time-space translocation.

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    tag: luci45 #4
    The SpaceCorps Promise to You
    "Because we live on a drab and featureless planet, a primary aspect of Spacecorp's mission is to enrich and enhance our homeworld with wonders from afar. So whenever we visit alien worlds we promise to always bring home awe-inspring specimens of their colorful bontanica. Behold the Geranium!"

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    Tag: Dennis#1
    But Santa, you promised me a Victoria 8! This is a V4.


    But Santa, you promised me a Victoria 8!.png
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    But you promised Champagne for the inflight 

    Mega InstaBookTube™ video star Kamasaki Yogonura was very displeased being served a red wine for her infight complimentary drink.

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    Gopherus #03

    Wilhelmina Neglects to Tell All

    When your dad gave you that atlatl, did he make you promise not to do anything stupid with it ?…. you did promise?… didn’t you?


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