RRRR - One day in XXXs life - Entries Thread

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This is where we enter the entries for the RRRR One day in XXXs life contest.

Entries should be tagged with a tag, like HOPPER#01, Name and entry number.
You should write about what persons day you rendered.

Good Luck everyone!



  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    TAG: obanion#01
    Title: The Honeymooners: A Blast from the Past

    Martin persuaded Alexis to spend a day of their honeymoon exploring some of the pagan ruins that dotted the mountains of Macho Bueno.

    The elaborately-costumed guide who conducted their tour of the ruins was an exceedingly attractive woman (albeit not nearly as attractive to Martin as was Alexis -- I had to mention that, lest you think Martin was something of a cad; he most decidedly was not!) But something about her niggled at the back of Martin's mind, some vague sense of familiarity; and as a consequence, he was unable to take his eyes off her. He was sure he knew her from somewhere. Inevitably, both Alexis and their guide noticed this apparent fixation.

    After over an hour of puzzlement and outright consternation on his part (and an escalating level of annoyance on Alexis'), their guide turned to Martin and smiled. "Yes," she said, "you do know me. You've just never seen me in this form." She lightly touched the medallion that formed the centerpiece of the chain that encircled her neck. "You haven't noticed the name-tag?" she asked mildly.

    Belatedly, Martin studied it. The name engraved upon it was 'Balea'. And then everything fell into place. ** Face-palm! **

    "You!" Martin exclaimed, stunned. "No way!"

    "Way," Balea said. "One of the perks of being a witch is that I can pretty much change my appearance to whatever I want, whenever I want. And, with the job market the way it is these days, well.... Let's just say that in the tourist trade, 'smokin' hot' is a pretty marketable skill-set."

    Martin cast a wry glance at his bride. "The logic is irrefutable," he remarked.

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    TAG: Totte#1
    One day in Luci45s life

    It was in the late summer, when Luci met that strange young gypsy man, wearing very odd pants. She was intrigued by the design and he told her he was a tailor and he had made them himself. He invited luci to his little wagon and Luci was almost chocked by the multitude of color that came like a snowstorm in her face. It took a while, she sat down on his bed, the only sitting space available, and he showed her a pair he had done for his little brother, who disliked them. Luci looked at them, turned them around, and them, suddenly it all came to her. This is the solution to the problem with drunken sailors that fall over board. Air filled life pants. No more putting them into the longboat until they are sober. Just redesign the naval uniforms.

    In the evening, Luci gave the idea to her uncle, who worked for the royal navy. He did try it in several full scale tests but the problem was that to make the sailors float head up, not head down, they needed led shoes, which made them very slow on deck.

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    Luci45 Instructs Her Acolytes

    Luci spent the afternoon expounding on how she would choose her scene and how she would light it. We watched her, concentrating hard, anxious to pick up every golden nugget that fell from her lips.

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    One day in DAZ_Jareds life
    It is a hectic time, flying around the world in a spaceship promoting the best and addictive but harmless drugs in the universe. DAZ_Jared, also known as number three, reports direcly to number one, DAZ_Kevin. DAZ_Kevin lives in his master villain complex, and usually communicates with his henchmen via video screen. DAZ_Kevin always has his favorite pet at is side, the trustful lion, Richard, also known as Richard Lionking. On this particular day DAZ_Jared was out in the more isolated parts of the world, we he spotted a user in the middle of nowhere who hadn't purchased any content for several hours. Just when he had set his plan in motion, he got a video call from number one.

    DAZ_Kevin: - How are your plans proceeding number tree.
    DAZ_Jared: - Good, very good, but Number one, check your watch!
    DAZ_Kevin: - Why?
    DAZ_Jared: - Because it seems to have stopped at 12:00.
    DAZ_Kevin: - What time is it?
    DAZ_Jared: - It's time to run a sale!
    Richard: - Roooaaarr!

    No wallets were hurt during the recording of this scene.

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  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    TAG: obanion#02
    Title: Well, There's Something You Don't See Everyday!
    (A Day in the Life of barbult)

    Ashton was enjoying a leisurely breakfast while studying for his upcoming History mid-term, when odd goings-on on the street outside caught his attention: a man, carrying a butterfly net, was chasing a bird, while a woman, wielding a baseball bat, was chasing him! Ashton had never seen the man before, but he immediately recognized the woman as barbult, with whom he shared a Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy class.

    Ashton also identified the bird as a Carolina Parakeet, and his astonishment grew by leaps and bounds -- not only was it the largest specimen he had ever seen, but the fact that he was seeing it at all was nothing short of extraordinary! The Carolina Parakeet had been declared extinct nearly a century ago! To actually see one alive was an amazing sight, and it looked as though barbult intended to make darned sure this one stayed that way!

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    Tag: Totte#3
    One day in Jaderails life

    Jaderail was happy, he had one a ticket to the Game Of Thrones walk-and-talk party. He went to the bar, where John Snow and Ayra Stark was standing. The bartender was German for some reason and when Jaderail planned to start his three-martini-lunch, he happily said to the bartender: - “Dry Martini please”. It didn’t take long, and in front of him stood three glasses with Martini Bianco.

    Jaderail just didn’t believe it. He shook his head, and said slowy D-r-y M-a-r-t-i-n-i, and the bartender happily replied “Yez, Drei Martini, you like Martini Rosso?”, and she poured him a glass of Martini Rosso.

    Jaderail was furious and said, no, give me a beer, but she quickly replied: “Sorry sir, tze beer ist .... its .... kaputt”.

    Jade turn his back on the bar, left it, and when he came home he realized he didn’t even shake hands with John Snow or Ayra Stark, what a lousy day indeed.

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  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,376
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    Well the sun went way over the yardarm some time ago, but,
    Ken OBanion Wonders...
    ... was that last Martini just one too many?

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  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    TAG: 0banion#03
    Title: Unannounced Visitors
    (A Day in the Life of MelanieL)

    The day started like any other. MelanieL was putting the final touches on her outfit for an upcoming cosplay convention, when she heard the most god-awful racket coming from outside. She instantly got a mental picture of a cat being sucked into a vacuum cleaner -- a Dyson UltraSuck 9000 Magnum, from the sound of it. She ran out, behind the house, to see her neighbor, Laura, sitting in the strangest-looking contraption she had ever seen!

    "What in the name of Magneto is that!?" she asked.

    "It's my dad's latest invention," Laura replied. "It's a time machine."

    To say that MelanieL was a bit skeptical of that pronouncement would be the understatement of the decade, ranking right up there with, 'Mistakes were made,' or, 'Houston, we have a problem'.

    "Come on," Laura invited, "hop in. We can check out some Renaissance architecture, you know, before all those American tourists started swarming all over them and chipping away bits as souvenirs to take back to Omaha, or wherever they go back to when they're not annoying the rest of us!" She grinned playfully. "I know how much you love that stuff! And I found the perfect example for you!"

    Very much against her better judgment, Melanie climbed into the odd vehicle. "Does your father know you're mucking about with his inventions?" she asked as she fastened the five-point harness that secured her in her seat. She thought she already knew the answer to that question even before she asked it, and was therefore not surprised to hear Laura's response.

    "Silly question!" the girl said, playful laughter ringing in her voice. "Of course not! But that's the beauty of having a time machine: we can be back before we've even left! He'll never know!" She flipped a number of switches and dials. "I found this place on the Internet, that's so old it doesn't even exist anymore. But we can see it when it was new!"

    "And what place would that be?"

    "The Chateau Ste. Evremonde." Laura grasped the control yoke and said, "Hang on!"

    The vehicle ripped through the space-time continuum like a hot knife through the high-priced spread. Within seconds, they were sitting on the elaborately-manicured grounds of an 18th-Century French estate. They climbed out of the vehicle, just as a man stepped out onto the balcony.

    "Whoa, pre-Revolutionary French nobility!" Laura enthused. "I gotta get my camera!" She dived head-first back into the machine.

    But Melanie's first meeting with the Marquis de Ste. Evermonde did not go as well as it might have....

    "Hey, you!" an angry male voice said, in precisely-clipped French. "Would you mind getting your..., whatever the hell that thing is..., off my roses!?"

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    Tag: ncamp#1
    Title: Just a day of training.
    Person poked fun at: Richard
    Pull No 1

    Richard is having to train a new admin. Just a look at his computer screen with some typical emails, chats and button for repetitive tasks.

    Persephone Hair for Genesis 2 Female(s)
    Point of Impact
    Reflections Furniture DS
    Witch Gear

    Also Used:
    Gia GF2
    Saros 7 Holodeck Monitor
    Parts of Maclean's Class Room
    Micah Hair
    Parts of The Study
    Parts of Toolbox
    Heart Attack
    School Supplies

    Click on the Pic to see a larger view so you can see the details.


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  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,380
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    TAG: Totte#4
    One day in KenOBanions life

    The Waterloo Symphonic Orchestra is performing Ken OBanion’s new symphony, Wellington’s Victory in D minor. This first performance was set to take place at an old mountaineering facility in Himalaya, as the very eccentric composer and conductor KenOBanion decided he wanted to perform this as close to God you could get without having to die doing it.

    The waterloo Symphonic Orchestra has invented their own sound using the not yet patented Waterloo porcelain section. The percussion section plays on old barrels with radioactive waste. The Cesium-137 has a nice ring to it.

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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 18,573
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    Tag: barbult #1
    A Day in the Life of Scott-Livingston
    Renowned hair expert, Scott-Livingston, works out of a modest shop in the old converted West Park Sanitarium. He is doing quite well, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his unorthodox tools and techniques, judging from the fancy sports car he parks across the street.

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  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,380
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    One day in barbults life

    The local art museum asked the members of the community if they could collect old pictures, papers or letters from past times for an exhibition about the evolution of the county. Barbult, being a keen model builder, built a model of the cherry orchard her grandparents had when she was a kid. The model was huge and took several weeks to complete.

    What barbult did not know was that the curator decided purchase the model and make it a permanent item in the museum.

    When barbult heard that she was very happy, thinking of her grand parents cherry orchard always made her smile.

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  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    TAG: obanion#04
    Title: "Is There Something You Haven't Told Me...?"
    (A Day in the Life of Totte)

    Back in his free-wheeling college days, Totte had always considered himself quite the adventurous sort. Until he met Gretchen, one day at the University library.

    He asked her out; she accepted. They went back to her place....

    In the immortal words of Fagin, from the musical Oliver!..., "I think I'd better think it out again!"

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  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,438
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    SeaNautica’s Mischief

    Novica braves a fierce Florida blizzard to look in on her rescued animals at the old Coast Guard station. To her dismay, they are very agitated, exhibiting visible auras of vibrant mixed hues. She has no doubt that SeaNautica was responsible. It was time once again to take on her old foe, snow or no snow!

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  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,438
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    One Winter Day in Totte’s Life

    When a few rays of sun appeared one February day, the Bjornberg twins called Totte to tell him about it. He could hardly hear them with the loud Bruce Springsteen blasting in the background. Knowing he would emerge from his den for the first time that winter and would no doubt do something amusing, the twins rushed over and waited as the big gate slowly lowered and Totte danced out to Oppa Gangum Style. A fox was waiting outside and joined the dance (but they don’t know what the fox said.)

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  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,438
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    MelanieL’s Holiday on Bananaquit Beach

    Melanie (in the red dress) was feeling a bit annoyed. Her friends had talked her into a seaside holiday with glowing descriptions of a new nearby art museum with lovely gardens. The “museum” turned out to be very small gallery that showed stupid mass-produced canvases, and the gardens were a few pitiful imported palm trees. They decided to stroll on the beach and Melanie was not paying much attetion to anything, only thinking about going home. Overhead Bananaquit birds screached without mercy.

    “Melanie dear, someone is calling to you,” her friend Ardis said with a giggle. “Look, on that big rock behind us.”

    Melanie came out of her dark reverie and turned to see her old friend Merman Mike, a guy who often turned up in very odd surroundings. He seemed very at home here on the beach, supervising his step children and an old sea turtle. She spoke to him for a bit and he said he would be free that evening and perhaps she and her friends would like to join him at the tiki bar. That brightened her mood and they all agreed to meet that evening.

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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 18,573
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    Tag: barbult #2
    The Best Day in Ken OBanion’s Life

    Ken OBanion was happy to be home in Texas after a long cold assignment in the frozen Midwest. He got up and threw open the door to let in the warm sunshine. He gave his cat, Siegfried, the last of the milk and prepared his own usual breakfast of toast and martini.

    Ken logged into the DAZ store to check on the new releases. “Wow! Stephanie 6. Man, she’s HOT! I want her.”, Ken exclaimed. Ken’s musical taste leaned toward Wagner, for the most part, but the sight of Stephanie 6 prompted him to indulge in his guilty pleasure: Rick Springfield. He sang softly to himself, “Where can I find a woman like that? I wish that I had…”

    Ken’s reverie was interrupted by the RRRRoar of an engine and the squeal of tires. Alexis flew through the open door on her purple motorcycle. She wiped out as she hit the shiny hardwood floor and jumped off in the nick of time. “I’ve left Martin!”, she yelled, “He’s a sham! I saw the movie ‘Roxanne’. I know that you scripted his every word - his every action. It’s YOU I love, Ken OBanion! It’s YOU!!”

    A Huge grin spread across Ken’s face. He finished his song. “I wish that I had Martin’s girl.”

    And now he does!

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  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,376
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    Title: Captain Totte Proudly Presents His Cadet Unit

    Captain Totte prided himself on the order and discipline which he instilled in his young Cadet Force unit.
    Today he was particularly proud, because his unit was to feature on a national television program.
    After all the work he had put into drilling his Cadets, he was certain they would impress the viewing public.

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  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,380
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    TAG: Totte#6
    One day in Choholes life

    During the shooting of Cho the Zombieslayer VI, something extra ordinary happened. Right when the gigantic eagle was flying over with the skyship carrying the evil princess N'Nazad, undeads from a nearby church decided it was time to stand up for the right to be undead, and time to stop this hilarious mocking of undeads.

    Cho had to fight for real this time as the opponents were not trained stuntmen. She grabbed a real club and in front of the rolling camera she took out all the attackers single handed. As usual, reality trumps the story.

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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 18,573
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    Tag: barbult #3
    The Day Totte Got His Big Idea

    Totte decided he had to give up on the concert promotion business. He sold only three tickets to the Waterloo Symphonic Orchestra performance. (Ken bought two for his parents, who had the good sense to stay home instead of traveling to the Himalayas in the dead of winter. A Yeti allegedly bought the third, but he didn’t show up either. Some people claim he doesn’t even exist.)

    Totte was desperate for some other means to make money, but all he had to his name was his Romany Comfort wagon and the “instruments” from the porcelain and percussion sections of the symphony.

    Then Totte had his big idea! He remembered the Neutered Pitbull Jazz Ensemble that he encountered some months ago. People covered their ears and went into conniption fits upon hearing the horrible sound. If he could combine the Neutered Pitbull players with his porcelain and percussion section, he could make a killing selling hearing protectors to everyone who passed by!!!

    That idea is what started Totte on his path to wealth and financial independence. Totte no longer needs to work. He devotes his entire life to DAZ Studio and the DAZ Forums.

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  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    TAG: obanion#05
    Title: "Don't Quit Your Day Job?" I Wish!
    (A Day in the Life of Jack Tomalin)

    Because the royalties on Platinum Club items don't amount to bupkis, Jack has to supplement his income by working four nights a week as the Maitre-d at Ali Baba's Persian Restaurant and Falafel Bar....

    Jack: "We have a dress code here, people! Hel-lo-o-o...!"

    So..., please, people -- buy Jack's products! He's begging you!!

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  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    TAG: obanion#06
    Title: Her Other Passion
    (A Day in the Life of karibousboutique)

    Not many people knew it (and she was careful not to give too much away), but when 3-D images just didn't push her artistic buttons, or turn the creative cranks, karibou liked to go 'Old School' every now and then, at a little studio she had set up on the beach. The natural light was perfect for painting, she was free from distractions, and there was always a local beach bum willing to model for beer money.

    Model: "How much longer is this going to take? I feel like a complete nimrod standing here in this get-up!"

    Kari: "Well, if it's any consolation, you look like a complete nimrod in that outfit. Just keep thinking, 'This is for art!' But I'm almost done. Just a few more highlights.... There! Perfect! Okay, now lose the skirt!"

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  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    |:| Luci45 Has A Nighttime Adventure, Too |:|

    Luci45, wearing her satiny PJs with fluffy slippers, is surprised to awaken in her bed. Afterall, wasn't she just working on an image for the Daz RRRR challenge?

    But as she is lying there she remembers that she was just having a very strange dream. She was in a strange magical mushroom forest with flying dragon faes and she was surrounded by elves all made by using the V3 and M3 shapes from Genesis. Or wait. No. She recalls now it was Thomas who was suprised to awaken in his bed (wearing his shiny PJs). And, it wasn't a strange magical mushroom forest. It was just your typical strange dream forest. But she wonders, "Why was I using so many clones of his niece and nephew? Could I just have been playing with the instancing tool? Or maybe, I should not have suggested in the story description that Thomas had drank a Martini before bed."

    Her mind wanders further and she begins to recall something about glowing bedknobs. And wait, wasn't there also something about a flying bed? She stops and tells herself, "No, that just doesn't make sense. A flying bed. I mean, really?!? Oh! Yeah!," she thinks, "I had Thomas reading an old childhood fairy tale book in that last image I was creating."

    Thinking back on the strangeness of her dream, Luci45 begins to wonder if maybe she shouldn't have had that last drink of Absynthe while working on an RRRR challenge, or maybe it was just that little blue pill. "Hmmm, maybe I am making too many RRRR images", she muses.

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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 18,573
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    Tag: barbult #4
    The Day KaribousBoutique Couldn’t Handle one more DAZ Sale

    Everyone at the DAZ site
    Liked Shopping a lot
    But the Karibou,
    Who logged into the website
    Did NOT.

    Karibou HATED shopping! Why that’s like high treason!
    All the sales and confusing discounts, that must be the reason.
    It could also be that her phone was too small for the picture,
    Or perhaps that her runtime was bigger than her discs were.
    But I think the most likely reason of all
    Was that her store credit balance was always way way too small.

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  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,380
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    Tag: Totte#7

    One Day in Sheriff Jack Tomalin's life

    Platinum Creek is a small town in the outskirts of the outskirts of civilization, right where the Wild West ends and the uncharted territory begins. Attorney and Sheriff Jack Tomalin and his assistant Lizette are looking at a proposal for a new office as the old one is too small for the current needs. Without a proper Assay and Sheriff's Office, Platinum Creek has been taken over by outlaws, and the gunfights are now part of the day to day business. The town cemetery is not very well placed and will be moved outside the town when the space will be used for the new building.

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  • barbultbarbult Posts: 18,573
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    Tag: barbult #5
    A Colorful Day in the Life of Zawarkal

    Some people think Zawarkal is weird. They just don’t get her. Well, I’ll admit, she does have an unusual exercise routine, with the noose leg lifts and all. And her home is rather exotic looking. But here in RRRR-Land, she fits right in! We love her COLOR commentary.

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  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,438
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    Have Baton Will Travel
    (A Day in the LIfe of Ken OBanion)
    tag: luci45#4

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  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,438
    edited December 1969

    A Night in Barbult’s Life - Preparing for Muck’s Return

    Many long years have passed in the special land where DAZ characters dwell. Barbult has been rudely awakened (she thinks, but is actually dreaming, probably.) Anyway, Mavka appears to her in the night, in a state of joyous rapture, and some anxiety. Muck is to be released from prison in two days (or whatever pass for days there.) Please, please, she begs barbult, I need some new clothes, modern, but traditional too. And with lots of pink. Mavka’s dowager Aunt Bernice appears also, to help out and make sure Mavka’s outfit is perfect. She thinks something more subtle, in beiges and browns, would be best. Perhaps they will reach a compromise? Going is slow though, with lots of discards when the ladies don’t see eye to eye, and barbult finds it a bit difficult to work in her altered form - she has somehow taken on the shape of her avatar.

    Too much late night rendering will lead to interesting dreams. ;-)

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  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 998
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    Gopherus #01
    The Bridge of Magpies: Barbult's Wild Ride

    Just what does Barbult do every summer?
    Orihime the Weaver Girl is separated from her husband Hikoboshi the Cow Herd 364 days a year by the Milky Way.
    But on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month a flock of magpies feeling sorry for them rises up to form a living
    bridge across the heavens. Barbult also feeling for them volunteers to drive them to the celebration held in their honor.

    Historical Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata

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  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 998
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    Gopherus #02
    Lucy45s New Franchise

    Sven and Tweety supervise the construction of their new franchise location in the forest.
    Did you think these diners were built by magic?
    Lucy auditions musicians for the house band. A requisite for each of her locations.

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