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Genesis 3 Products in Poser


The Genesis 3 figures are not officially supported by the DSON Poser Importer. However, thanks to some software from Willdial (You’ll need to search for that freebie at Renderosity), it is possible to make it do so anyway. Now that this range of products is starting to see some very low prices in the sales, it might be worth your considering with some provisos.

Firstly, you will need to be using Windows and Poser 11 – Mac is not supported.

Secondly, there’s no guarantee that future versions of Poser will support the DSON plug-in. While converting Genesis and Genesis 2 products to a Poser native format protects those investments, Genesis 3 cannot be converted at this time.

Thirdly, while there were a small number of accessories for Genesis 2 that were not compatible with Poser, even with the importer, there is a much, much greater number of them for Genesis 3 that can’t be used – and the only real way to know is to spend your money and give them a go. This is the reason I’m starting this thread, so, like my other thread, some experience of these problems can be shared. One of the biggest bugbears is footwear – you can often force fit the stuff that doesn’t quite work, which is mostly OK for me but if you want close ups of footwear, Genesis 3 is probably not your best choice of figure.

Besides a little future proofing, the chief reason for converting the Genesis and Genesis 2 product lines to a Poser native format, rather than to just use the Importer, is for improved performance. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, that isn’t an option for the Genesis 3 figures. I have tried running them through the Netherwork’s File Optimizer but sadly the process breaks all of the JCMs (the morphs are there but the ERC is gone).

That said, if it were possible, there is another reason that it might not be such a useful direction to take. Genesis 3 figures make a lot of use of JCMs (Joint Control Morphs) and clothing creators don’t sculpt these for their products as used to be the case for the pre-Genesis figures – instead, they can relay on Studio’s morph transfer facility that can be used in Poser only via the DSON importer plug-in and not be figures converted to the Poser native format. Certainly, Poser 11 Pro does have a morph transfer tool but I don’t think the results are up to the job.

At this point, if you want to go ahead with trying Genesis 3 in Poser, please make sure you follow Willdial’s advice and install the older Beta version of the DSON Importer. He notes in his guide that three are problems with the geometry under the chin which only occur with the new version of the Importer. However, there is another problem I found with the Female figure – the left side of the expressions were seriously distorted. On top of this, I found that both male and female figures also suffered some strange distortions for the lower eyelids. I found that neither problem occurred with the beta Importer.


So your essential checklist before starting is…

Poser 11 Pro

Windows PC

DSON Importer for Poser Beta (if you have the DSON importer, this should also be in your product library available for download – get it and back it up!). If you already have the later version installed, don’t worry, just run the Beta installer and it will uninstall that for you.

Willdial’s Genesis 3 Poser Updater (search at Renderosity)

A shedload of time to get things started – but once the foundation work is done, it’s done.




Fit Control: If you have the Fit Control product or one like it (I highly recommend something like this), then do uninstal before you work to export figures for Poser. After you’ve completed that job, then you add it back before you start work on exporting clothing items.

A Heavy Figure: I have managed to collect up 23 Base Characters for the Genesis 7 Female, along with some additional morph packs to add function and additional form. This creates the same problem I found with the original Genesis, which, like this one, had so many morphs packed in that it is an unmanageably heavy figure, that weighs so much on performance such that moving an arm becomes an exercise in patience. If you have collected a lot of morphs, then the best answer to this problem is the same as I used for Genesis – the creation of light figures. You need to uninstall chunk of your morphs to create lighter figures that retain the functionality you need. I actually created one for each base, all of which retained the various core body and face morphs, along with those for improved function. You should be able to include a few of the Base Characters into each figure without a great loss in performance though.




Once you’ve run your figures through the Poser Updater you might look at them and wonder why they look so bland. Where’s all that detail from the Base Character promos? There are, of course, high definition add-ons for the Base Characters but the detail you see in the Base promos is largely from maps – most importantly, the normal maps. I’ve mentioned these before in my thread for converting Genesis and Genesis 2 figures and to illustrate, here’s the Rune character in Poser’s default lighting, first with just her basic texture and subdivision dialled up to 2, and then with the normal maps:

If you think these look a tad ‘too much’, you would be right – I set my normals maps to 1.5 but not without reason. I’m not rendering for realism but with a view to post-working the image into a faux painting and for that, if I need this sort of detail at all, I need it to be a little exaggerated to prevent it being lost in the process.

Some detail of this kind can also be added from morph packs, such as body tone and the detail for the knees but normal maps are efficient and resource friendly, so if you have them, best to use them.


Due to restrictions in the size of posts, I've split off the tables of tested products into the following three posts. I'll be updating this post with a more detailed tutorial over the weekend.

Forum Rune A.jpg
708 x 871 - 39K
Forum Rune B.jpg
717 x 871 - 40K
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    Table of Products for Genesis 3 Female

    Product Type Conversion Notes
    Betty Outfit Clothing The top and bottom both work just fine. The shoes are passable for my needs but they do require a little adjustment (unhide dials and shift around the toe parts, then expect to tidy in post).
    Business Suite for Genesis 3 Female Clothing Excellent. Everything works well and looks great - shoes and all.
    Casual Style for Genesis 3 Female Clothing Very nice set indeed - everything works well.
    Classic Denim Jumpsuit Clothing The jumpsuit itself works well and looks great. The shoes however, are a write off.
    Clinical Therapy Clothing Save for the stethoscope, all works well.
    Country Girl Clothing Very nice - all parts, including the boots, work well.
    Cowl Neck Dress Clothing Simple item, looks good, works well.
    Doctor Coat Outfit Clothing The shoes are passable for my needs, the skirt, shirt, and doctor's coat all worked very well.
    Egyptian Outfit Clothing The sash best doesn't work and the sandles can be wonky if you don't keep the feet in a simple pose but everthing else, including both versions of the dress, works fine.
    Everyday Training Wear Clothing The training shoes can be a bit wonky but all the other items are excellent.
    Firestorm Clothing All items work perfectly - this was purchased very recently at DAZ3D but no longer appears in the store for some reason.
    Go Go Outfit Clothing Nice set, all works perfectly, including the boots.
    Hongyu's TankTop Clothing Simple item, works perfectly.
    Hot Jumpsuit Clothing All items, shoes included, work well.
    i13 Barista Clothing The tie doesn't quite work and is hard to fix - better to select the material and make transparent/invisible. Everything else works well but you will want to edit the textures a tad to eliminate some white seams.
    i13 Classroom teacher Clothing All works well.
    i13 Librarian   Clothing Shoes work ok(ish) but everything else works well.
    i13 Maid Ensemble Clothing All works well but you will need to edit the texture a tad to eliminate white seams. Also, select trim material and check Normals Forward.
    i13 Modern Cow Girl Clothing I did need to adjust the toe of the right boot with x translate but but done, all worked well.
    i13 Nurse Clothing You might need to adjust the toes of the boots with the bend dial but otherwise, all worked well.
    i13 Office Worker Clothing Worked well.
    i13 Secluded Living Clothing All works well.
    i13 Server Clothing All works well.
    i13 Vacation Outfit Clothing All works well, save the necklace which looks a little wobbly after morph transfer.
    Kimi Style Clothing Might need to adjust the toes of the pumps a tad but overall, everything looks good and works well.
    Kitchen OohLaLa Clothing Sadly none of the three pieces work at all.
    Knit Dress Clothing All works very well.
    Lace Nights Clothing Works well.
    M-65 American Icon Clothing Excellent item, worked very well.
    MA-1 Flight Jacket Clothing Excellent item, worked very well.
    Marionette Clothing Very nice set, all time s work well but the dials for movement in the body parts don't work properly - it's not really a problem though, just select the sleeve and skirt parts and dial their movement directly.
    New Semester Clothing All worked well except for the short sleeve morph.
    New York Essence Clothing The shirt, trousers, and shoes all work very well. There are four different versions of the jacket but I'm afraid that only one of them works - it's enought to be useful, so I think the set is still worthy of consideration if you see it on sale.
    Peter Pan Collar Dress Clothing All worked well, though you will need to edit the textures a tad for white seams.
    Queen of Shadows clothing You might need to hide some toes that poke through the left boot but otherwise, all looks good and works well.

    RainbowLight Bodystocking

    Clothing Nothing imported.
    RainbowLight Business Outfit Bundle Cloting The blazer and shoes don't import import. The bag is a prop, so no problems there. The dress works fine, save for the back-open morphs (this can be purchased separately).
    RainbowLight Dark Knight Clothing The belt doesn't import. The feet of the boots are mangled. Because the bodysuit was designed to be used with boots, the legs end short, so you would need some replacement long boots for it - however, it works OK(ish), though to use the open morphs, you will need to make the zipper and zip head transparent/invisible. The gloves and mask work fine.
    RainbowLight Elegant Clothing All works well (thought he hat takes a long time to load first time and asks for missing pmd file - just save out again or export as a prop instead). The coat was what I really wanted from this and it makes the purchase worth while all by itself.
    RainbowLight Fall Outfit Clothing Doesn't import.
    RainbowLight Hot Fashion Clothing All works well.
    RainbowLight Loving You Clothing All works well.
    RainbowLight MODA Clothing All works well.
    RainbowLight Clothing Works well.
    Riot Girl Clothing & Hair

    The hocky stick is just a prop, so no problems there.

    The parts that all work very well are pants, stockings, boots, shirt, bra, hair, hat, and the version of the blouse that is worn.

    There is a version of the blouse that is worn tied around the waist and unfortunately, there look to be some ungrouped polys on the right which render it useless - perhaps someone with more knowledge than myself could fix it but I can't. At the end of the day, it isn't a deal breaker for me. This is a very useable and well made product.

    Sana Style Clothing Everything works well and looks good, including the shoes.
    Sassy Girl Clothing Everything works well and looks good, including the slippers
    Sexy Kimono Dress Clothing Single item, works well and looks good.
    Sleepy Nights Gown Clothing The slippers work - but sadly not the gown.
    Stylish Overall Clothing All works very well.
    Trench Coat Outfit Clothing Excellent! Even the boots work very well (though you'll need to bend the toes back in place after applying the provided pose). Really good looking item too.
    Vigilante Clothing The boots don't work at all but all the other items work well and look good.
    Vintage Swimsuit Clothing Everything works well (the hat and glasses are props).
    Vogue Evening Gown Clothing Partial. The shoes needs a little adjustment (may need to move the toe part on the left shoe) but the dress is the important item. It is functional with the poses and their corresponding morphs in the skirt. However, there is a little stepping in the mesh around the skirt and a tear in the mesh at the back. As I paint over renders, this isn't too much of an issue for me but my use is likely to be the exception - if you want photoreal renders, this isn't a good option.
    Wish Granter Clothing All worked well.
    Women's Suit A Clothing Shoes, skirt and top work fine but the jacket, which is why I wanted this, has ungroupled polys on both sleeves, so is of no use.
    Yuki Clothing All worked well.
    Zip Front Rash Guards Clothing No footwear in this one. All items work perfectly well.
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    Table of Products for Genesis 3 Male

    Product Type Conversion Notes
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    Table of Genesis 3 Hair Products


    Well, I'm certainly glad that I made these purchase very, very cheaply and very gradually - because less that half of them work! About 44% and some of those only with some provisos. My testing has been a little hurried to get through this lot - I've checked loading onto a posed character, looked for missing or stretched geometry, applied textures and tried out some morphs.

    A note regarding textures - you don't want to spend forever looking for where they are to apply them, so do create poser companion files to apply them. You'll still need to make some tweaks but it gives you a starting place.

    All of the below were purchased at the DAZ3D store - I'm not going to link all of these ones but I will come back later and add links to those that do work. Please also note that while I say that I can fix a few in post - I'm post-working into faux paintings, which is very forgiving, while if you are aiming for photo-realism, then you should probably pass on these as well.

    That so few of these work in Poser is not the end of the world - there is a time honoured skill known to us old time users, of fitting hair made for one onto another.

    Product Figure Outcome Notes
    Aliza Female No  
    Apple Female No  
    Bluebell Female No and Yes Small bit of broken geometry at the back - I can fix it in post
    Bobbity Bo Female No  
    Careless Braid Female No  
    Casino Female Yes  
    Chace Female Yes  
    Charli Female No  
    Date Night Female No  
    Diesel Female No  
    Double Trouble Female No  
    Dragonfly Female Yes  
    Edwardian Female Yes  
    Eliot Female No  
    Fashion Bob Female No  
    Fayette Female No and Yes Small bit of missing geometry at the back - I can fix in post
    Flirty Female No  
    Frawn Female No  
    French Twist Female No  
    Garden Party Female No  
    Girly Locks Female No  
    Gizelle Female Yes  
    Gully Female No  
    Havana Female No  
    Helena Female No  
    Idris Female Yes  
    Insurgent Geisha Female No  
    Jade Tiger Female No  
    Juliette Female No  
    Kanshashi Female No  
    Legacie Female No  
    Lena Female No  
    Louise Female Yes  
    Lyam Bob Female No  
    Mada Female Yes  
    Mele Female No and Yes There's some missing geometry at the back - I can fix in post.
    Midnight Special Female Yes  
    Odessa Female Yes  
    Olenna Female Yes  
    OOT Kyle Female No  
    Orphelia Female No  
    Paisley Female No  
    Pandora Female Yes  
    Rebecca Female Yes  
    Ruby Female Yes  
    Sheridan Female No  
    Sienna Female Yes  
    Streaming Female Yes  
    Sorrow Female Yes  
    Tapered Female Yes  
    Two Phase Bob Female No  
    Wildling Female Yes  
    Yvette Female Yes Scarf hide doesn't work, so you need to use the material room
    Zarah Female Yes Length dials are a bit iffy but I wouldn't want them for this anyway
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  • Hello

    I get the G3M into poser. It works ok so far. I made body hair to the figure in the hair room. Also works fine. But as soon I save the figure and load it back randomly some hair definitions are defect. I think its an issue of the DSON importer when loading the figure. Do you know thi sissue? is there a solution?

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    I get the G3M into poser. It works ok so far. I made body hair to the figure in the hair room. Also works fine. But as soon I save the figure and load it back randomly some hair definitions are defect. I think its an issue of the DSON importer when loading the figure. Do you know thi sissue? is there a solution?

    I'm afraid that I've not yet attempted the hair room with these figures. Genesis and Genesis 2 figures that have been made Poser native would probably work but that isn't an option for Genesis 3.

    If I had to guess, I would guess at an issue with the Importer but it's probably not a bug - DAZ studio uses a differnt method of subdivision, which is why the importer is needed for HD morphs and as the hair is applied to the geometry, that might be the source of the problem. I wonder if you were to switch off the subdivision when creating the hair and saving out, then perhaps switch on again after loading (if it loads correctly). Just a guess though.

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  • Thank you

    Yes I tried to set the subD to -01 before saving, it does not work better. The strange thing is, some hair parts work some not, and every time I load the figure there are other hair areas that are not loaded properly. I think DSON importer need an update. But I think that will not happen. It seams nobdy is interssted to update the DSON Importer... Maybe it's a cold war between DAZ and Poser and Poser will lose this war. So I will change to DAZ in longterm. With Octane render engine it's maybe a solution.

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    Updated with some tested clothing items (Vigilante Outfit, Everyday Training Wear, Queen of Shadows, Clinical Therapy, Vogue Evening Gown, Knit Dress, Stylish Overall, and Kimi Style).

    Due to a limited to the size of posts, I've split off the tables of tested products into three posts following the main one. I'll be updating with a more detailed tutorial a bit later (hopefully this weekend).

  • A couple of items that I've tried:

    Leather Skirt Outfit - the top and skirt work well, but the boots won't conform properly.

    Gwennili Hair - free hair which converted well.

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