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    For what it's worth, here is a discussion of "dynamic visemes" on something called DISNEY RESEARCH. Since Carrara uses NLA for the mouth shapes, you could explore a little of using clips instead of poses for each viseme - that's something Carrara Mimic can do that Mimic Pro can't, although I'm not sure Mimic's analyzer would be be as "dynamic" as Disney's - they seem to be inventing a new way of looking at lipsync.

    That's exactly what I concluded Holly. Hence the ADSR NLA blocks. I felt that whilst the mimic system of poses per viseme works for some situations, there are others where you need more control over the mouth shape, transition and time between transition.

    I present the final episode in the series "Mimic Pro Lip Sync with NLA animation ADSR blocks (Tutorial)"

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    Just picked up Mimic Pro for Carrara today.

    So far, so good.

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    Is it possible to move the NLAs created in Mimic Pro for Carrara to Daz3D? I'm on a Mac so there is no Mimic for Daz.

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