SKYS NOT the limit! SKYS okay SKY!

How can I get rid of that thin blue line way off in the distance when using SKY or Realistic Sky?

I have UN-ENABLED GROUND and set the HORIZON at MINUS 50 INCHES BUT still have that annoying line on the horizion!!!

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    Water Skis or winter skis?

    Okay this is in the Carrara forum so this must be about carrara. (I found this topic by view new posts)

    Which version of Carrara? I have some version of Carrara 8. Do not think it is the latest version. I am not seeing anything about Ski (water skiing or winter skiing either)

    edit: I have Carrara but I am not too familiar with it, sorry.

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    GESS I meant SKYS!

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    The Skie's the limit as far as the horizon line goes. If you want to use the RSE, you'll have to change your camera angle or hide the horizon. There's a couple ways to do this. You could use physical objects such as clouds or terrains, or you could use the RSE in conjunction with the background function under scene effects. Of course, you could skip the RSE and use the backround entirely. I know you've mentioned Photoshop before, you could use it to generate a large gradient image and use that as a background.

    These samples show before and after. I used the RSE in conjunction with the Gradient Color function as a background for the after images.

    791 x 593 - 111K
    239 x 527 - 31K
    779 x 586 - 151K
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    OH WOW! Thats great THANKS!

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    Can also add an infinite plain to hide the line. Default placement hides the horizon line.

    In this case I gave the infinite plain the same shader as the terrain.

    640 x 480 - 27K
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