Switching back to 4.11 Animation Timeline in 4.12?

I find that the animation timeline upon installing v4.12 doesn't agree with me.  Is there any way for me to switch back to the 4.11 version of the animation timeline?


  • In the Public Build there is an Intermediate Mode (available from the option menu - the trianmgle button at top-right, or right-click the pane) which is the equivalent of the Advanced mode in DS 4.11 and earlier.

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    I would give it more time to get the hang of it.  It's genuinely better than the previous one.

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    I got the 4.11 style timeline restored, but now I have one problem: I want to display the area in which I can set the FPS rate, and move to a specific frame in the animation instead of just clicking "next frame", "previous frame", etc.  How do I restore this area on the bottom of the Animation pane?

  • It should be there in the Public Build, please post a screen shot of what you have.

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    I'll try to remember to post a screenshot, but right now I am at work.

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    @ JonBoy2019

    I went back to 4.10 for animation . i just use 4.12 for still renders.  if i try to render anything more than 10 keyframes in daz 4.12   I run out of vram and I have 2 gtx 1080ti with 11.5 gigs of gpu each. & I am blaming it on that fact there is no way to disable the opitex prime for gtx card users. opitex prime eats my gpu up. the same scene I can run in 4.10 uses 1/2 the vram as when i have exact scene loaded in 4.12. the good thing i  I do not appear to be having this issue with 4.10 so that is why i went back as far as 4.10  I was using driver  GPU version 441.41 gaming . But since rolled it back to version 436.30. because the updated driver seemed to make studio crash unexpectedly & less stable .  All I can say is I hope that opitex prime being enabled with no way to disable it is addressed & fixed.  because as it is now daz 4.12.36 and up are useless for GTX card users IMO 

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    Sorry for the delay in responding.  I was quite busy this past week.

    Anyways, here is the screenshot you requested.  It illustrates the lack of boxes for setting frames per second and current frame.  It should be displayed on the bottom left corner of the Timeline pane, but it isn't.

    How do I have such boxes displayed?

  • Open the option menu - the lines and triangle at top-right of the Timeline pane, or right-click the tab - and select Advanced mode (if you are using the Public Build you can also choose Intermediate Mode).

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    Actually, I did click the Advanced mode,  and it showed the 4.12 version of the timeline.  I wanted such boxes to display in the 4.11 version of the timeline.

  • Then you need to be using the Public Build and select Intermediate mode - yoyur screen shot shows you are currently running the General Release.

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