Illuminating a human figure!

I have Daz Studio 4.9. How do I go about in simple terms create a human figure to appear to immenate light internally, such as the appearance of an angel? I did purchase a product recently that is suppose to do this but I don't understand how to create this effect!


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    The program that I do have that I have been trying to use is "Body of Light"

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    jodycour said:

    The program that I do have that I have been trying to use is "Body of Light"

    According to the product page, it came with Instructions, a readme, and makes reference to a thread in the commercial thread. Hopefully something in there will answer your questions.

    Here's the commercial thread:


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  • The easisest solution would be to make the skin an emissive under shader settings. You'll need to select all the skin surfaces, torso, arms, legs, etc. and adjust the intensity to fit your need.

    Another solution would be to put a set of point lights inside the mesh. you'll have to play around with the shader settings and the intensities and colors to achieve the look you want.

    You could also use a series of spot lights, at high intensities and "backlight" the character.


    Body of light.

    It's kind of interesting, but it's really complex due to the huge, 100+ lights, it uses to acheieve the effects it produces.

    I personally didn't find it particularly useful, except for disection to learn how the effects were achieved.

    It's another one of those things i bought, but have never really found a use for.


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    Making a human figure emissive is going to be a HUGE drain on rendering time. Each face of a an emissive object is treated as a separate light. So you're adding thousands of lights to a scene by doing that. It may work, but I'm skeptical that it will render well.

    Another product to take a look at is Fuesling and Sickleyield's Auras:


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    Try this one:
    Create a geometry shell for your figure, put the offest to something like -.5 and add an emissive shader to it. Got me an interesting glowy effect. Dunno if that is what you are going for, was a cool experiment though

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