Action not showing in the menu

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This issue surfaced before and it's back in 4.6.2: a custom action doesn't show in the menu.

Here is my code in the .h file:

class RE_LIB_ACCESS  Reality3Action : public DzAction {



  /** Constructor **/

  QString getActionGroup() const { return "Reality 3 Engine"; }
  QKeySequence  getDefaultAccel() const { 
  //  return Qt::SHIFT + Qt::ControlModifier + Qt::Key_L; 
    return(QKeySequence(Qt::SHIFT + Qt::ALT + Qt::CTRL + Qt::Key_L));
  QString getDefaultMenuPath() const { return "&Render;"; }

  void executeAction();


Am I doing something wrong here? Any idea why the action would not show in the Render menu?

Thanks in advance.


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    This is fixed in DAZ Studio


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    Good to know. Thanks.

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