Assign pose to camera

Is it possible to assign a specific pose to a specific camera

(Same character)


  • I'm not clear what you mean - especially the (same character) bit.

  • say you use pose 1 on the same character and then pose 2

    pose 1 is like crouching and pose 2 is standing... the camera will probably be out of tune for each pose... is there a way to assign camera to a pose? 

  • No, though you could parent the camera to a bone, or have it set to point-at a bone.

  • JonnyRayJonnyRay Posts: 1,739

    Canary's Cameras is a set of parented cameras. They were largely intended to help when you're posing and want to quickly change views, but would certainly work for what you're trying to accomplish as well. It falls into what I call a "time saver" category of products. As Richard notes, you could do this yourself. But Canary spent a lot of time building camera sets for various characters, and they work very well so it saves you the hassle of setting them up yourself.

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