Texture Map Shows in UV View - Won't Show On Object in Perspective View

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This is probably some really silly thing that I am missing here, but I've gone all the way back to the basics on UV Mapping to try to get an idea on how it works, and it doesn't seem to be working correctly for me.

I've been following the basic tutorial from Geeks at Play on UVMapping, and just mapping a simple square - I can see how it unfolds and lays out the map, but the checkerboard that appears in the uv view doesn't appear on my object in my perspective view, and then when I take the picture into PSP and add a texture, then try to open it and use it as a texture in Hexagon, it shows up in the uv mapping view, but not on the object. I am not sure if there is a setting I am missing - I follow the tutorial exactly but I can't catch how he is getting the checkerboard onto the square. Thanks so much for reading - really hope someone can help with this! Below is a picture of how my screen looks, and how the tutorial has the texture he created on the object - (and strangely, not in the uv view).

600 x 500 - 95K
600 x 398 - 64K


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    Your top image has no texture domains defined. All your faces are "unassigned".

    Assign the faces to a domain, and your leaves will appear on the cube.

    You'll see what I mean by looking at the lower picture which has all the cube's faces assigned to "material23", and the texture map with the colored discs is assigned to that material.

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    Oh thank you! I guess I should have tried that, I was just following the tutorial as closely as I could but I missed him assigning any domains - I set up a material but I couldn't seem to get it to attach to the faces on the box. Thanks again! Having great fun with this software :-)

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    No problem at all! Glad I could help! :)

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