SHOP: Can't find search/filter options when browsing specifc sale(s).

SHOP: Can't find search/filter options when browsing specifc sale(s).


I would like some help, browsing the sales.

The have 3926 items, and I was trying to filter for "Hair", but it that not an option?

I could filter for G8F which gave me 666 hits, but then I couldn't figure out which of those where "Hair", with out looking at all of them.


After a couple of hours looking through the varius sales, page by page with no option for filtering, I'm considering uninstalling Daz Studio.

I hope someone could tell me how to use the shopsmiley



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    Some of the sale pages are made solely for the sale, holding only the available products for that sale.

    From the main Shop page, there is a search box on the top bar, wait a little bit and an entire page of options appear. One can then select one of those and yes there are many!

    There are a few artists who have made many hairs over the years so using the other filters such as for particular Artists works too. [clicking on the tiny black arrow presents the list]

    And the shortcut some take is to simply ask in the Commons if one knows of a specific hair which meets whatever it is you are looking for. Some post images too.

    When finding something of possible interest, clicking on the "heart" to put it into your wishlist makes it much easier to find again too.


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  • @Catherine3678ab

    TY for your answer.

    If understand it correctly the "sales" do lack filter, and you guys manage by using the wishlist, knowning the PA's lets say core product(s) and some combine that with the browser plugin.

    I think I'll just skip chasing the discounted items for now, and focus on the must haves.



  • Sounds good, there is "always" a sale on in the store ;-)

    The wishlist will also show prices so one can watch for them.

    I do not use the browser plugin, some use it and seem to be quite happy with it.

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