How to use lighting packages and find read-me files?

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Okay, I'm getting upset with these so called lighting packages. I either can't find them after purchasing, use them, or find the so called read-me files that don't exists.  (If they do they hide them very well.)

Currently I'm trying to find the controls for the A Bright Loft Lights.  What I've read on the sales page don't match what I can find (which is nothing).  It looked like all I have to do is find them in the props section (at least by the wording on the sales page) and click on the preset options.  I don't see them.

And the read-me files.  Where the heck are they?  They are NOT in the Read-me folder in the Daz 3D Library.  I have over 1600 products and less than 20 read-me files in the folder, all for clothing.  I've read products and been told I can find out how to work them by reading the read-me files but they don't exist.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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    For the vast majority of products in the store (certainly the newer ones) the ReadMe is held online - this one is here:

    I don;t have the product but (assuming you are using Daz Studio not Poser) then the light settings should appear in Smart Content under the "Lights" category or in Content Library under “Light Presets/A Bright Loft Lights”

  • Chohole, I see you edited my post.  Sorry, I didn't think the word I used was that bad, it just emphasized my frustration.  

    MelanieL, thanks for the info.  I've seen those pages before by clicking onto the product image under the Products tab.  I just didn't know they were what I needed to scroll down and read.  I just figured out why i couldn't find them.  I clicked onto the A Bright Loft in the scene screne, clicked on "Filter by Context" box in the Smart Image tab and the settings for A Bright Loft Lights under "Lights" would disappeared.  I have to unclick the filter box to get them back. I thought the idea of the filter box was to only show items for that product when checked.  Maybe there's a bug; or a reason I just can't figure out.

    Thanks again for your help.

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