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Is it possible to change the keyboard settings for carrara. I'd like the "point" on the right side of the keyboard with all the numbers, to display a comma (just like it does in all other programs). If I have to type in numbers now i always need to go to the comma key. Is there a way to change that?



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    I have a PC and a swedish keyboard - mine has a comma next to the number pad. I use commas instead of periods when entering decimals in Carrara. I have no problems with Carrara and commas.

    I have had several issues with different programs some that have never been resolved (i.e. Photoshop) and of course the evil tilda key...

    There can be issues with different international set ups and programs.

    It's kind of hard to know how to fix your problem without knowing what kind of keyboard you have, What are the country settings of your machine, and are you using Mac or PC.

    On my PC there is a switch at the bottom right that allows me to go from swedish to english keyboard. Sometimes if that accidentally gets switched it will give me the "wrong" letters/symbols.

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    I got a pc with an AZERTY keyboard and it is set to "Belgium point".

    My keyboard shows a point on the number pad but when i press it in Excel for example, it recognizes and shows it on screen as a comma. I'd like that to be the case in carrara too, but i don't see an option for it.

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    Maybe someone can help you that has a similar set up. Are you using the french language version of Carrara, too?

    one more thing to check -

    under Windows 7 start/control panel/ Region and language/ Formats/ additional settings - one of the first drop down menus is Decimal system - you can see if it has a comma there. But if you are using a different language version of windows that may not help much....

    long ago I had a swedish version of windows - HORRIBLE - didn't have all the options and caused a lot of problems with programs and I could never find any simple help online (although there are a LOT more people that speak French, German, and even Dutch so those versions are probably much better).

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