Several new videos up (Hexagon Tuts)

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I have a few new videos up and started working on a new more in depth house modeling tutorial.
I have list of tuts to do about a mile long.
The plans are do more series type tutorials and do some smaller ones while I am working on the series.

Here is a link to my youtube channel


  • Design AcrobatDesign Acrobat Posts: 459
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    Thank you sir!


  • TugpsxTugpsx Posts: 452
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    Great job thanks for sharig

  • hiker_1hiker_1 Posts: 0
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    be sure and copy this to the tute sticky as well... thnx!

  • nate_289d518d9cnate_289d518d9c Posts: 40
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    Thanks - I subscribed to your u-tube posts

    You sound busy, but I watched your "make a hole in an object without boolean" - wasn't what I expected (you made an object around a hole)

    Will you be doing something on making a hole in an existing meshed/subdivided object?

  • kenmokenmo Posts: 803
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    Thanks kindly... much appreciated... Any car tutorials?

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