What changing the smoothing value for Dforce does?

odasteinodastein Posts: 367

Having acquired a product where you can change the smoothing value when applying Dforce, I made two tries with different values, but I can't see the difference. What is it supposed to do? 


  • L'AdairL'Adair Posts: 8,030


    I believe Smoothing should be adjusted after the simulation is complete, but without knowing what product you're talking about, I can only guess at what the vendor intended. (I have several products where the presets specify if they should be used before or after simulating.)

    When dForce was introduced, having Smoothing on actually slowed down the simulation. I don't think that's the case anymore, but I'm not sure. Over time, I've developed certain habits when using dForce, which includes disabling Smoothing before simulating.

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