DazStudio 4.12 serious performance issues (gtx 980)

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So I've had this problem while upgrading to 4.11 as well, and it's still an issue now with 4.12, everything works perfectly on 4.10 so I don't know what changed.

To be more specific, iray rendering in viewport is not only a lot slower but it also makes whatever I'm rendering very choppy looking, like there's no AA at all, and the render also looks blurry even if I let it run for a while something that I never experienced with 4.10. Also, I can constantly see pixels in the preview, rendering, while before it was more of a in waves kind of thing which again is annoying as not only is it constantly changing but it's not changing for the better so I can't tell if any changes I make actually do anything.

More so, enabling iray in viewport/rendering significantly slows down my entire PC even though my CPU doesn't go above 22%, RAM over 45% and my GPU usage doubles in 4.12, from 30% in 4.10, to 60% in 4.12, if that means anything, while again, I never had this issue with 4.10. I could render, watch a movie and have multiple tabs open in Chrome and there wouldn't be a single problem, but now, I can't even move my cursor across the screen without it freezing, and trying to navigate the library is basically impossible.

I tried to test render a single character with no environment for 2500 iterations and in 4.10 it took me around 5mins for a 1920x render and the same exact scene took 19mins in 4.12, and again, it looked choppy, blurry and overall terrible.

Did the new update make older GPUs unusable ? cause that's the only thing that I can think of, I'm running a GTX 980 atm with 430.86 drivers. I'd really appreciate the help if anything can be done cause I was really looking forward to test the new features in 4.12.


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    I have 1080 GPU, but yes lates Daz version has some rendering problems.

    It is constantly crashing for me if I use iray viewport

    Other people mention that new version forced Opix acceleration on, and it eats about 1gb extra ram so that may be a problem if your card is less than 8GB

    But if it freezes your PC and causes no other problems I suspect that it can be a memory size issue. check your memory usage in the resource monitor if Daz is not causing "hard faults" too much.

    If you have considerable hard faults ongoing you have not enough memory it is especially likely if you are trying to use 2 applications at once

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