Revisiting Daz after a decade--Need help!

I usually don't use forums, but I can't watch anymore youtube tutorial vidz--they're driving me crazy, lol. Here are my general questions I hope someone can assist with. 

1. How to get great lighting in my renders- All my renders are dark no matter how many headlamps and pointers I use

2. How can I create my own clothing and models? Can this be done in Daz or do I need to use Zbrush (I have Zbrush but still learning it)


  • 1. I'm not sure what you mean by headlamps and pointers - there is only one headlamp, which shines from the camera being used to view/render the scene if no other lights are loaded (assuming it hasn't been turned off, in Render Settings or on the camera). If you are using Iray and have set the Environment Mode to Scene Only then you will most likely need to adjust Tone Mapping - you can use the Exposure proeprty in Render Settings, or if you are in nVidia Iraypreview mode you can click the exposure widget (the +/- icon) and then click on the viewport in a an area that shoudl be reasonably well lit (I have had limited success doing this). Beyond that, you might want to look at existing light sets to see how they were made.

    2. Yes, the actual clothing model needs to be created in an external application. ZBrush might well work for that, though I'm not sure it's the ideal choice; you could also look at Hexagon (free here), Blender, or other mdoelling tools, or if you feel rich there is Marvellous Designer. For any of those you should be able to find a range of tutorials, not just Youtube videos but also some written guides.

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    A fountain of information, scroll down on page 1 for all sorts of tutorials:

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