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For the past few days I’m getting this error when I launch Bryce, I work with a scene and then all of a sudden, the program freezes, it can be when I am adding the material or an object or moving things around. It’s not the normal crashing, the program does not respond.

Do I need to do a re-install?

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  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,184

    I never experienced such. It could be a memory issue on your computer. It depends at what moment you start Bryce, how many programs already run. You could start Bryce, then start a second instance of Bryce and work with that so the memory issue (if it is one) would be in the region the first instance runs.

    You could also keep the Task Manager open while "bryceing" and if Bryce hangs, see whether you can get some hints from the Task Manager.

    Axiom is an integral part of Bryce. All libraries use Axiom, I don't know what else is based on it. Perhaps a new installation would help. BEWARE, before you do a new installation of Bryce, copy the whole Presets folder to a place away from the Bryce main folder because everything will be over-written by a new install. Check if you had added elements in the other folders (like PicturesLib) and copy such folders as well. Once installation is complete, delete the now new Presets folder and copy the saved old one back.

    I installed Bryce once and just copied the full folder to the other four computers and never ever had the issue you describe and error message you show so it's difficult to point to the culprit and give recommendations.

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    Thanks Horo for your comments/suggestions. I sometimes have 2 or 3 Bryce instances open at the same time but it's the 1st time I had this problem. I'll try keeping the Task Manager open and see if I can get some hints from there. I would hate to do a re-install.


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    Is it just that single scene, or does the issue happen for other unrelated scenes as well?  If it's just that single scene, you might just be out of memory for that one, weird things can happen and of course you wouldn't need to reinstall anything in that scenario.

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    Thanks Horo and Sriesch for your comments. It is a problem with all scenes.

    Horo is right, it is my laptop. I started having the same “Not Responding” message for other programs too, and had someone come over and have a look. My computer is getting slow so clicking repeatedly due to arthritis is resulting in this problem. I never had this problem before even in winter and it’s only autumn. Maybe in winter when my arthritis is very bad, I will not be able to use Bryce. The repair guy cleaned up the laptop; although the problem is still there it’s not bad. At least now I don’t have to save after each action I do, and I don’t need to re-install Bryce.

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