Send to Daz not working

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Well, like in the title. I send to DAZ, it starts up and all I get is Genesis welcoming me with open arms.
No scene can be seen.

I'm on a 64bit system, Win 7 and 4Gigs of Rambo power.

Hexagon sends nicely, though. I feel happy and at peace.

Scene comprised of a water plane and an island, both with default settings.

I would love you immensely for a whole lot of milliseconds if there was some kind of advice you could give me.

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  • Rashad Bryce-CarraraRashad Bryce-Carrara Posts: 1,672
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    I dont know if infinite planes can be exported. Try sending over other items and see if they will transfer.

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    That is a no. Daz opens, but nothing appears.

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    you must select the items in bryce then send to daz 3d and it will then appear now with the water plane mine wont show up and that can be because its default and same with the back ground but everything i build comes up now if only i can send from daz to bryce without it freezing i would be happy

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    Oh, didn't know the selection thing. Kudos to you. :-)

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