RSSY Ultimate Clothing Fixer Genesis 3

Anyone having trouble getting to this products page? Every time I click on it takes me to Daz front page


  • DivamakeupDivamakeup Posts: 8,897

    While I don't have that problem with RSSY Ultimate Clothing Fixer, I DO have that same issue with Teen Raven 8. When I click on the product icon it takes me to: It's been that way since her release and I just tested it again and I still have that issue. I'm guessing most other people aren't experiencing the issue since I've not seen anyone else mention it in the Teen Raven 8 thread. 

    Weird though that some products are doing that - linking to rather than the product's page. Perhaps it's a cloud issue or server issue? I'm not sure whether to put in a ticket about it or not.

  • GreeboGreebo Posts: 67

    I also have this issue with the Teen Raven 8 page. You'd think they don't want us to buy her or something...

  • I get that issue all the time, almost anything can take two or three tries before I can view the product

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