boning rigging or skinning?

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I have been informed when I create bones or use an existing skeleton, attatch and weightpaint it on another forum, I am boning or skinning, not rigging?
the first sounds rude :red:
the second, sick and cruel :snake:
hence my use of the third term ;-P
is there an industry standard terminology or is the other poster talking out of his arse? :vampire:


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  • djmulcahydjmulcahy Posts: 42
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    EVERY conversation with this particular poster involves him talking out of his backside. ;-)

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    hya Wendy oh it's just semantics and the purpose of language isto get the message across. Look at this way: if you were a mesh would you rather be boned, skinned or rigged? I know which one I'd pick :)

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    Sounds like someone got into the joints :)

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