Daz 32 Bit renders

All the characters that I try to use in the 32 Bit version have just gray eyes and there skin is very shinny. This happens with Toon and real style characters. They look like this before rendering and when rendered.

Bad Character Eyes And Skin.jpg
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  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 2,144

    Since you are using the 32-bit version of DAZ Studio, I assume that you know that Iray is only supported in the 64-bit version? As a consequence, your renders are limited to the 3Delight render engine. Nothing wrong with that, but, here's the catch: since they are different render engines, they use different shaders to achieve similar effects on surfaces. Many newer products come with only Iray shaders, so the shaders need to be converted to 3Delight-compatible shaders in order to show up properly in the viewport and renders. I suspect that you are seeing the results of attempting to use Iray shaders with 3Delight. The solution is to either use a conversion utility, such as the AWE surface shaders to convert to 3Delight, or, alternatively, if you have any characters of the same generation with both 3Delight and Iray shaders (such as any of the DAZ Original numbered characters), you can apply the 3Delight shader from one of those by selecting the surfaces and applying the texture while holding down the CTRL key - a popup will appear and you must select the "Ignore" option under maps, so the original texture maps are preserved and only the parameters are changed. The results in the latter case may not be perfect compared to what the creator intended, but they should be reasonable and give you the basis for tweaking them, if desired.

  • kenshaw011267kenshaw011267 Posts: 1,525

    Switch to 64 bit.

  • Switch to 64 bit.

    There is no lip sync in 64 Bit that's why I was trying to use 32 Bit.

  • Switch to 64 bit.

    There is no lip sync in 64 Bit that's why I was trying to use 32 Bit.

    Do the lip sync in the 32 bit version, then open the scene for rendering in the 64 bit version.

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