Shade...anyone use it?

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I caught a free copy of Shade 10 on July 4th, cause...well, it was free :)

Don't know much about it, but seems it can Model, Animate, Render. Here is a link:

Anyone ever use it, or know anything about it? Since it seemed Carrara or Blender-like since you can model and animate, I wanted to ask over here, as you guys seem to have experience with many software.

(...haven't been around lately, as I can't fathom this Forum, which does not sort in "last posted" order...drives me crazy. Livin' over at Rendo, and working on a Poser-based animation)


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    Chikako is the Shade expert.
    I got a free copy early on in my 3D life and had issues with their support so ditched it before finding out much I am afraid, do not go by that though, I was inexperienced.

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    I've heard it imports Poser well.
    Anyone know if it plays well with Daz/Genesis?
    I also hear that while it renders blazingly fast, animation is kind of wonky.
    I also would like to know of anyone who has hands on experience.

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