37th Bryce Contest (Poll)

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THEME : ***** That Way Madness Lies *****
DEADLINE :  ( 10/22/2019 )
https://s.surveyplanet.com/m_k4L7i_ ;)

Prizes :

DAZ 3D Sponsorship, in the form of Store credit
Ist Place $30
2nd Place $20
3rd place $15
$10 for up to 3 Honorable Mentions


1.) This Way Madness Lies          2.) no way out                                  3.) After the bushifire                  4.) Here Comes The Night .. Sweet Dreams

This-Way-Madness-Lies     adbc-no-way-out      adbc-After-the-bushifire     Ed3d-Here-Comes-The-Night-Sweet-Dreams


5.) Let me entertain you               6.) Fear to Madness                      7.) Don't Take Me Alive                  8.) Unwelcome

Let-me-entertain-you     Fear-to-Madness     Sray-Don-t-Take-Me-Alive    horo-Unwelcome


9.)One step beyond is Madness  10.) The Scream                          11.) Nobody touches my dolly     12.) What is it good for

One-step-beyond-is-Madness     The-Scream                    danwhiteside-Nobody-touches-my-dolly    hansmar-What-is-it-good-for


  13.) My Life Burns                        14.) Dr. Jekyll's Madness             15.) Smombie World                    16.)  Mad Passage

horo-My-Life-Burns     mtnmen-Dr-Jekyll-s-Madness     drachenlords-Smombieworld     horo-Mad-Passage


17.) Racing to a Future                 18.) Summer Madness                  19.) Hitmen Madness                     20.) Queuing for a new iPhone

Jamahoney-Racing-to-a-Future     Summer-Madness     Electro-Elvis-Hitmen-Madness     Akmerlow-Queuing-for-a-new-i-Phone


21.) Sheer Madness                       22.) What happened here            23.) World Madness

mermaid010-Sheer-Madness     What-happened-here     Jamahoney-World-Madness


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  • Great entries! I just voted. Good luck everyone.

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  • adbcadbc Posts: 1,241

    Voted. Good luck everyone !

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 2,827

    Voted. Good luck all

  • mtnmenmtnmen Posts: 443

    voted... Good Luck

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 670

    Voted, good luck all!

  • Voted, Many thanks to Apoc for putting this all together,

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    Though the start was slow, there are still many very good renders.

    I voted.

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    And I voted   and I did mean to say Thankyuou to Apoc,  but It is a busy time for the Mod Team  and I hadn't got round to it.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 5,221

    I voted too - lot of impressive entries, good luck to all!

  • Tim82Tim82 Posts: 788

    voted, best of luck to everyone :)

  • ApocApoc Posts: 259

    @chohole no problem. I am always happy to help. I am sorry as well for the delay, had to help family put up a shed. 

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    It was clear, from the outstart, the obvious winners...such talent. Best of luck!


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  • Voted. Good luck to all!

  • Voted! Good luck to all and thanks to Chohole and Apoc.

  • Voted. May the best win.

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    Voted.  Wonderful entries.  Congrats to all.

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    Voted - excellent work once again !

  • HeadwaxHeadwax Posts: 8,217

    tom terrific - love the twisted imagery in this one - hard to decide on the best 4 - congrats

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    Rock On!!!


  • 3WC3WC Posts: 811

    I was going to vote, but it is impossible to have four "favorite" images. There can be only one.

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    doneded wink

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    kew  looked like a fun subject

  • UnifiedBrainUnifiedBrain Posts: 2,564

    Voted.  Love the theme!

  • ApocApoc Posts: 259
    give me one sec, ima post results tonight
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    6.)    Fear to Madness                - drachenlords
    10.)    The Scream                      - hansmar
    11.)    Nobody touches my dolly  - danwhiteside

    3.)  after the bushifire               - adbc
    19.)   hitman madness                - Electro Elvis
    1.)   this way madness lies        - tim 82

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    Well, I got one one of the prizes right...so well-served a talent.

    Can I suggest, Chohole, for future reference; when giving the final results, you include an image/link to said winners/hm's, as it might avoid one from scrolloing up and down to 'see' what winner matched what image. Just a suggestion-of-sorts!


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