Open sourced: Reality plugin for Luxrender in Daz Studio and Poser

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Interesting news from the Reality site: "...I decided to release Reality as an Open Source Software (OSS) covered by the very permissible BSD License. I hope that this will inspire other developers to pick up the project and update it. The good news is that Reality is designed to work with multiple hosts and multiple renderers. The system itself is not tied to LuxRender. You want to make Reality run as a plugin for Blender or Modo? That requires just a bit of Python code on the host app. You want to take the Eevee code from Blender and connect it to Reality? It can be done. The source code is in a repository on BitBucket. I will provide the necessary information to replicate the compilation of the project and on how to start making the first modifications to any developer who is willing to pick up the baton..."
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    The sources include a few 3d models too.
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    Anyone been able to download the ZIP file from bitbucket?  Tried multiple times, but it is always tagged as invalid or corrupt.  Not having any problems with other large downloads.


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    _Quite a bit of interesting News , then _

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    Tip from another forum by Penguinisto. "It's a git repository, which works a bit different. Using Git means you have to clone it first (then you can fork it.) This way you can get the whole thing in one go, and it will have the same directory structure and file placement. It also means you gotta install a Git client if you want the whole thing."
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    The news post at the Luxcorerender site, if someone picks up from Paolo:
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    Hope someone does

    I have a PC without a graphics card I still use that could benefit from alternative PBR render engines

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    I would use realty in Poser if it came with blender's evee! I would pay for that plugin!!!

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    Here is the forum thread where Paolo seems to be active and responding to questions: An update: I just added a few instructions in the Reality repository on how to compile it. I also added two large zipfiles with the Qt libraries that are necessary to compile Reality on Windows and Mac OS. This repository is called reality-libs. The whole project is here:{4306b2ca-f3b1-474d-b79b-d59633e23dc3}/
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    I lost my way with Reality a while back, the support seemed to move forums/location whenever I looked and when, finally, with new computer it (more LuxRender I think) failed to work (or rather crashed) with GPU selected I really just stopped using it.  Stil think Reality is/was a great bit of software, and have had it since the early days.

    I can understand the decision to release into the wildlands of Open Source. But one concern I have is  - I have seen mention of expressions such as "you'll need a/the new version so that when the licensing system/server goes offline" but all I can find is refernces to 'go get the source and compie it ..'  Is that the ONLY option to be able to contune (trying) to use Reality?

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    The old licenses are supposed to still work. The recompiling note is for removing the DRM for a new free version, if a coder picks up the torch...
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