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It can be a bit difficult to pose in DAZ Studio. So I finally get a hand posed on a characters body on her hip, but I want to move the rest of the arm without moving the position of the hand. Is there a way to stick a certain body part so it no longer moves while I try to move other body parts around it?


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    Using the Universal Selection Tool in DS you can pin the hand node (both translation and rotation) and then pose the other parts of the body.

    Pinning is not perfect but it can work. Just depends on how extremely you need to pose the other parts.

    In the future, I recommend posing the hands near the end of the pose creation.

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    I agree with Matty. While pinning can help, the best workflow is usually to work from the core of the body out to the extremities, or from the feet up when the position of the character in the scene is the most important.

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