Does anyone understand this?? SOLVED

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I don't know what this means....It came up while I was rendering.....Thanks Trish

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    Severity 1 2 and 3 errors are Render Engine code that mean what was just sent to it is now (NORMALY) done another way. They are fixed on the fly by the render engine if do able (99.9% are). Most of the time the render is FINE. It's really code in the Render engine for the coders. I see that most often when I use a shader on a item that is a few steps older than the render engine now included in DAZ Studio. Unless your render FAILS you can ignore low numbered errors from the render engine.

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    Ok thanks I will wait to see if it finishes the render.....

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    In that particular case, though, there may be a problem in the render...with an unexpected result.

    There's a ShaderMixer shader being used that has some function that is trying to assign a 'float' (numeric) value to another function's input that is set to receive a color value. Depending on what those functions are, the results could be fine...or totally messed up. Usually a float value in a color slot translates to grey with 0 being black and 1 being white...and that may be acceptable for whatever the shader is doing.

    But it, in the scheme of things, isn't that big of a far as 3Delight is concerned.

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    I see these kind of errors every so often.

    What I do is:

    1) Save the scene
    2) Exit DAZ Studio
    3) Go to the task manager and wait for the DAZ studio process to really quit. This can take anywhere from 1 sec to a few minutes depending on how big the scene was.
    4) Restart DAZ Studio
    5) Open the scene again
    6) Do the render again.

    I think this is some problem with shaders in the temporary work area. Letting the DAZ process completely quit makes sure this area gets cleaned up. If you start another DAZ process too quickly, before the previous one has really quit, it can sometimes corrupt files in the temporary area. This at least is my theory.

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    Thanks so much everyone... I ended up moving the whole thing to Bryce...appreciate the help...Trish

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