Is this software worth getting?

So I saw that Bryce 7 is on fast grab for 6$, and since I have some spare credit decided to put it in my cart. But before I make the purchase I would like to know if it is worth getting.


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    Ha! you ask this in the Bryce forum. Of course you should get it. At the time I started, Bryce 5 sold at 50 times more.

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    I totally agree with what Horo says.  I have been using Bryce since Bryce 2   (Bryce 1 was Mac only otherwise I would have had that as well)   Only reason I use any other software is to amplify my Bryce.

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    well I decided to go ahead and buy it, will see how much I get out of it.


    Also, the site that you can launch after finishing isntallation doesn't seem to work.

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    Oh Dear,  we should have warned you.   Use a manual install with Bryce, which comes as an .exe installer, 
    Install in the right order, so Bryce_7.1.0.109 first and then the content.  Bryce lightning is not needed until you decide you want a render farm.

    Horo has a great PDF to help you install.   I have misplaced  my link to it,  as soon as I find it again I will post it (unless Horo beats me to it)

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    You mean this one by Horo?

    And yeah, it was a bit tricky to find both Bryce 7 and 7.1 update in product library  :)

    well I decided to go ahead and buy it, will see how much I get out of it

    Welcome and good luck! There are many many helpful tutorials by David Brinnen, Horo and others, which are great help. Also bryce veterans always help with advice and explanations.

    I'm only "brycing" for around 1 year now. I got interested in Bryce during last autumn sale, and i started watching videos and reading threads to see if i really want it, and i liked it so much that instanly got it though sale was ended by the time i decided to finally go and get it, haha, yet no regrets.

    Of course Bryce, as not further developed since ~2011, some problems might be encountered, but there are workarounds for most (LAA is important one).

    I recently told somebody that in job people may use different tools due to reasons (yet some people able to do what they need just with Bryce), but for passionate hobby with experiments Bryce is definitely a great fit.

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