Additional fits for dForce Trumpet Dress (G8F version)

Moving this over here from a Commons about adding new fits to clothing, this package includes additional fits for the G8F version of the dForce Trumpet Dress, adding Aiko, Alexandra, Charlotte, Edie, Ellithia, Eva, Gia, Girl, Karyssa, Latonya, Mabel, Mika, Mrs Chow, Sakura & Tasha to the supported body shapes. (The other DO shapes either seemed to work okay, or I haven't got those character shapes yet).

I've not exhaustively tested these, but if you do find any glaring errors where the fabric is still completely creased or there's badly distorted textures, flag them up and I can try to fix them.

As these fits were made with the support of DestinysGarden, it's possible that more official fixes may come for the dress in time; if an update for the dress later shows up in your Install Manager, I would recommend removing the contents of this package (which can be done by removing the Matt_Castle folder from your \data\Aave Nainen\Clothing\Trumpet Dress\Morphs\ directory).

Additional Trumpet Dress


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