Questions Regarding Copyright And Publishing of Self Modeled Meshes

Greetings, I am  a game developer and upon hearing the sad news of the demise of adobe fuse led me in a search of a 3d character creator tool. So here I am with some questions. My main question is  about the use of 3d charactors created by me in Daz3D and can I use it in commercial products. As some othe assets from the Daz Store don't permit their 3D use. If anyone can clear my doubts regarding this issue, you are most welcome.


  • If you are wanting to use the content in games as 3D data, rather than as 2D pre-rendered artwork, videos, or sprites, then you would need to use content with, and buy, an Interactive License. If there is no option for an interactive license then the contnt is not available for game use.

    Note that this is a content licensing thing - if you literally model things yourself, rather than using the included content or content from the store (in its original form or modified), then you are free to do with it as you wish, and the same if you use content from another source that has a license permitting game use and use DS to set it up and gerenate poses, animations etc. yourself using the tools in DS.

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    To expand, when you say "3d charactors created by me" do you mean ones that are created totally from scratch in a modeling program outside of Daz Studio? If not, then whatever you created inside DS is still considered DAZ's property and uses the same licensing as the base model you started with, interactive licenses not withstanding.

    As for use, the interactive license grants you use of the DAZ asset for use in an orginal game and only that one. Game mods or DLC packs are not allowed from my understanding.

    BTW i was just able to d/l adobe fuse, no problems.

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