hi and bryce 7.1 on windows 10 as well as microsoft surface pro 6?

Gosh, it's been yonks since I got onto a bryce forum..many who were on renderosity know me as erosiaart. 

I'm switching over to a microsoft surface pro 6 (the 2 in 1) ..windows 10.. picking up a 17, 8GB Ram, 256 gigs..anyoneever used bryce on it? Does it work properly? I just read old comments of the mouse turning into a frog on ice (I love that comparism). I've been using a windows 7..now forced into windows 10.  Art work on the surface pro as my laptop cannot seem to cope with bryce..trying to smoothen an obj..and it's hanging. My laptop will be upgraded to windows 10 but will be used purely for office work.

Any suggestions, observations etc? 

Cheers and thanks a million in advance. 



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