displacement/sculpting brush where is it?

Is painting meshes/displacement brush. dsplacement sculping on in 8.5 pro? I have 8.5 standard and have been searching for an hour trying to find how to get these tools to show up everyone is talking about. Am I missing something? I see alot of tutorials and screenshots with icons I do not have



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    maybe not in the standard version.. you will need to upgrade to the pro version to get the extras. wink

    wait for the next time it comes on sale cool


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    carrara standard  has displacement painting.  and a soft slection sculpting tool

    in the vertex modeller.  modeling room with a vertex object

    Using the Displacement Painting Tool When you use displacement painting on a subdivided mesh, you can increase the number of subdivisions to increase the detail of the displacement painting. Checking the Symmetry option when available also applies the displacement symmetrically along the axis that you select. The Displacement Painting tool allows you to control the size and shape of the brush as you paint. There are also several different alpha images that can be used to add texture to your brush strokes. For example, the preceding figure shows the results of the Crackles alpha image being used to paint the hair, and the Horns alpha image used for the beard and eyebrows. To paint with the Displacement Painting tool: 1. Select the model that you want to change. 2. To enable the Selection options in the Model tab, switch to the Model room and make a selection using one of the following methods: • Choose Selection > Select By > Name to select a polymesh, polygon, edge, or vertex selection to which you have previously assigned a name.  Choose Selection > Select By > Shading Domain to select all polygons that appear in a shading domain. Repeat the command to add to the selection. • Use the selection tools in the Properties tray to create a selection.  

    Vertex modeling is the process of creating 3D objects by directly manipulating vertices, edges, and polygons. You can "sculpt" objects by changing the number and location of their vertices, edges, and polygons. 

    under modeling room, vertex modelling, click the icon to activate displacement painting brush


    Soft Selections Complementing the selection modes, there is a Soft Selection option that smoothly increases the influence around the active selection. This feature is especially handy for when you want to create morphs for a human character. For example, select a polygon that corresponds to a part of the cheek on a face.


    for sculpting brush, tick the soft selection box


    ca displacement paint tool.JPG
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    ca soft selection.JPG
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    thanks for inspiring me to look.  seeing the weight painting in there.  don't think it can solve the toe issue tho  
    before i start, taking a baby aspirin for the ajidda of the toes woes.

  • @mystarra

    I do not see those 4 new tools after the greyed out brush in V-modler. It is as if I am missing those 4 icons that are suppose to be there? Can you confirm that you have basic or know someone who does that they have these features? or maybe if you have pro that is why you see them? Stezza_Carrara9 mentioned maybe not in standard...wondering if this is the case....Wish they would have a list that said what was pro only, I know there are some out there, but I have not seem the displacement painting mentioned on that list.

    carrara V model int.jpg
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