IS it possible to sculpt over Daz models in Zbrush and still use Daz skins in Maya like arnold,vray?

I love daz skins but also want to focus on the  realistic side like making skin folds, different body weights, bends etc. I am not an expert in sculpting yet but would like to make attempts. IS it still possible to use the skins that come with the model after having made all the desired changes to the body in say Zbrush or blender? I dont want the skin to go to waste. I would like to make the final renders on maybe say vray or arnold by enhancing the Daz skin. 


  • To my knowledge as long as you don't change the resolution in ZBrush or use the clay brush... 

  • As long as you don't change the UVs, yes - but note that increasing the mesh resolution will stop you from using the shape as a morph, it will work only as a static model (unless you bake the high resolution detail to displacement or normal maps).

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