Invitation to Vote in the 48th Carrara Challenge - Transcendent or Immanent

DiomedeDiomede Posts: 10,987
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Please visit and vote in the 48th Carrara Challenge, if you have the time and inclination.  The theme is transcendent or immanent.

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  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,187

    Voting is always a bit of a pain. So many great works and only 3 to honor.

  • all are so beautiful and very well done - its really hard to vote, yes.

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  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 1,782

    So difficult again, but I voted.

  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 10,987

    Thank you for taking the time to vote.

    Should have said that voting is open until Sunday midnight, Daz Utah time.

  • mtnmenmtnmen Posts: 443
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