I am wondering if anybody have ever used this engine and got some experiences to share with me.


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    I have brought carrara models to Unity 4/5 in OBJ and FBX formats before. You might search the forums, I know there was a topic a while back about how to scale your models when you bring them in. Your objects will need proper UV's to look correct in Unity (or pretty much any other game engine). Unwrapping in Carrara is possible, but the UV mapper is not the most intuitive thing. Udemy and Humble Bundle have a wealth of tutorials and books about unity and are frequently steeply discounted. Some of it is for previous releases of Unity, but I'm sure most of the info is still relevant.

  • Unity confuses me no end sadly, I can render DAZ FBX exports in Unreal Engine 4 but Unity even their own demo scenes throw errors for me.

  • I never worked before with any game engine and my only programming skills right now are more than 20 years ago, Turbo Pascal lol but i would just like to give it a try and was wondering what work can be done with the engine and what have to be done with the 3D software. I am wondering if the terrain/landscape have to be done in the engine or with the 3D software and if you want to create some Voxel style terrain, if you have to do it with the engine or with the software.
    As engine i thought about unity, unreal and even BGE but have heard that they have stopped working on it.
    I just wanted to try Unity first but before i make everything in Carrara,all the assets, characters and so on, i am curious what can be done with the engine.
    Graphics shouldnt have to  be that realistic as i am thinking of some kind of anime/chibi style game with painted UV's.

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    Unity has a built in terrain system and there are a number of terrain system add-ons available in the asset store. Depending on how specialized you want your terrain to be, you could put together most or all of it in a 3D app and import and script to your liking. As for scripting, C#, Javascript , and (now undocumented) Boo are supported. Unity used to ship with an integrated MonoDevelop, but now defaults to Visual Studio Community as an IDE. You can also get third party node based visual scripting as an addon for the editor.

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