I'm Having Problems installing Bryce 7 Pro on Windows 10

I'm having problems installing the Bryce 7 pro software on my windows 10 computer. It let me install Bryce Lightening but wont let me install pro content. It tells me that its looking for a specified path saying it cant find bryce, when I havent managed to even install it. Then it asks me to unistall old Bryce content but it just wont let me install the software at all. Ive tried saying yes ok uninstall old content then I try to install and it wont let me. 

Any Ideas there anyone? 


  • Are you using Install Manager? Does it show all the parts? If so, install the Bryce application first and only then install the content.

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    See https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/327311/how-do-i-install-bryce-content

    The Install manager (DIM) us for Studio, not Bryce.

  • tried installing Bryce 7.1 thinking that I would just upgrade that with the pro SKU but although Bryce 7.1 appears it will not accept my SKU... Bryce Pro appears to install but the Pro install does not seem to activate it .... Bryce 7.1 shows all the files in the install folder and teh interface comes up asking for the serial number but I am not sure if Pro is installing at all.   


  • Are you using Install Manager? Does it show all the parts? If so, install the Bryce application first and only then install the content.

    I have installed Bryce 7.1 now (which I did not realise at the time I would have to install first) but I do not appear to have the correct number for it (I tried my  BrycePro sku number but this doesnt work ) I tried installing Bryce Pro and I cant see its files coming up in the folder or  if the exe has installed or not ...what are the name of those files ?  Would knowing that help determine the problem? The Bryce 7 screen comes up teasing that it is about to launch with a tick in the box,  but it simply doesnt 

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    Not understanding what you are meaning about the SKU number.     You should find the serial number, if that is what you mean, In Your Serial Numbers on your Account Dashboard.   It should start with BDZCPRO-****-*******-***-***-*******

    Once you have installed the Bryce__7.1.0.109 file then you can install the 2 content files.   Bryce lightning is only needed if and when you set up a render farm.

    The Bryce 7 pro serial number is needed. Even wehn there were indeed 2 different versions of Bryce, standard and Pro, the actual Brcye.exe was the same, just the serial number which designated whether you were installing standard or Pro.


    And we really do suggest strongly that you do not install Bryce using the DIM,  but install it manually as it is an exe file.   Bryce, as has been said before, is very pernickety as to where it's content is installed within the main program to allow it to work, But Bryce itself can be installed anywhere,  I have all my version installed on a 2nd internal hadr drive,  but some people install it on externals.  

    Don't ever allow Bryce to uninstall old content as that means you can loose some of your content.   The best way to install the content is to direct the files to a temp folder and then move the files to where they need to be using the directions given on Horo's oh so useful PDF.

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  • I'm not Using DIM .    Im trying install normally. I did manage to install Bryce 7.1 but it wont accept my Pro number  I assume it would upgrade that once I had installed teh Pro files however it does not seem to be seeing those files thoguh I cannot tell by looking at Bryce 7 .1 folder 

  • Ive got that working now thankyou for this ... thankyou ..  I didnt realise that the serial number appeared in my account dash.   Keep this open thread while I check that everything else is in order over the coming days.  

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    Yeah   you only have to shout,  we are here to help you

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