Production frame dimensions vs. render dimensions

I need to have 640 x 360 pixels for DaVinci rendering without black bars on the final frames. I can set the dimensions in the Render room but that is dependent on the production frame dimensions in the Assemble room. How do I match the two? I don't see a way to set the dimensions in the Assemble room and guessing is REALLY difficult.


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    Usually what you set in the render room is what the production frame will update to

    you may need to switch views to see it and set default zoom and magnification  under the magnifying glass icon

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    set your production frame dimensions in output tab.  check the keep proportions to lock the size

    open view production frame, set it to 100 percent to get rid of the safe area

    what you see in the production frame is what will render.  also check your rendering with the same camera you're using in the docu window.  if you using director's cam in docu window, the render will render with camera 1

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