Daz will not close



sorry for my bad english. I´m running a script an my system. It load a scene, render everything and then it closed daz automatically. I´m working with this script


Version 0.2.0

everything is working fine, but after the rendering is done, daz is closing the main window but the task himself is still there, its running with 0 CPU usage and around 450mb of memory usage. Is there a way to kill the daz via script after the rendering is done ? The background for this script, we want to use it for our renderfarm and provide the renderserver for daz. but without closing the task, its useless...

the previous script, version 0.1.0 is running with out any problems. I asked frederic, the dev guy from this script but he is very busy at the moment. He told me , he build a loop , thats the only difference. is anyone out there to help me out ?

if anyone can help we can give him some free credits on our farm for rendering. The script himself is supporting only stillimages right now. maybe there is a way to render animations.


kind regards






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