leather flag jacket i made please tell me what you think ty

lasagnamanlasagnaman Posts: 630
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i was working on this for hours and i think it came out really good  

classic flag jacket 1.jpg
2000 x 1280 - 2M
classic flag leather jacket .jpg
2000 x 1280 - 2M
classic flag jacket 3.jpg
2000 x 1280 - 1M
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  • JonnyRayJonnyRay Posts: 1,739

    This looks great. In particular I like the large folds / buckling that look so correct for a stiff leather jacket in that style. Very nice work!

  • Looks very very good yes

  • lasagnamanlasagnaman Posts: 630

    ty so much  

  • lasagnamanlasagnaman Posts: 630

    i made it in this style also 

    flag leather jacket .jpg
    2000 x 1280 - 399K
    flag leather jacket fron vew .jpg
    2000 x 1280 - 552K
    flag leather jacket back view .jpg
    2000 x 1280 - 522K
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