Looking for an advice for messed up new character morph(Genesis 8, Morph Loader Pro)

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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for some advice for saving a messed up character morph that I made.

I exported a base mesh Genesis 8 Male character and turned it into a new character(Mostly head/neck morphs were changed a lot) using Cinema 4D.

When I activated Morph Loader Pro, it created morph for the new character because the number of vertices and faces were the same with base Genesis 8 character.

But when I dialed the new morph up, it didn't work correctly and turned into a bunch of bizarre messed up polygon junk.

After googling, I found out that such error occurs when I forgot removing eyebrows first before exporting base level Genesis 8 character into obj format.

That happens even after I remove the eyebrows of obj model. Once the eyebrows(or anything attached to character) are exported, there seems to be no way to avoid this problem.

Although I know what to do now(removing everything except the character and do modeling again), I don't really want to follow that method. 

It took 10 hours for me to model that and it will require almost the same time and effort to build the same character from scratch.

So I ask one thing to you :

Is there any other way to correct the already made obj character morph so I can use it for Morph Loader Pro?

I thought about copying morphs into a new exported base model, but in C4D I found no way to do that so far.

Thanks for reading.



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    It's salvagable if you did NOT use mesh=>optimize at all during your manipulation in C4D , or anything else to change the vertex count. If you did, there is no "easy" fix because the point and polygon count changes

    You need to delete BOTH eyelash and eyelash eyemoisture points in your "finished" model. Emphasis on  points, not polygons.  If you used something like riptide to import the obj's the mesh will have tags and you just select those 2 polygon groups, transfer the selection to points and delete the points . It will have identical points and polygon count (16384 and 16196) as at the proper G8M base mesh exported from DS with no lash  


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    Oh, thank you so much. I'll try and pray it work.

    Thank you for the nice advice :) 

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