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Hi, i'm trying some morphing on genesis 8 male by using ZBrush 2019, but i can't see it in Daz3d menu.
I tried to reinstall GOZ (windows 64), reinstalled DAZ3D 4.11, but i can't see "send to Zbrush" on menu (as you can see in picture attached). I checked for a while on Daz Forum discussions, but i didn't find any useful suggestion. Please, someone could give me some suggestions or a link where the problem was already discussed? Thanks

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    first hit F2, go to the tab Bridges, fill out that information

    then go to file, and you will see all your bridges available


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  • Hi, as you can see in picture attached, in the menu, Goz isn't shown at all, i don't understand what's wrong.

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  • Ok, i've reinstalled Daz studio and now i can see Goz on the menu, but it still doesn't work. As you can see it gives an error message, it seems isn't able to find Zbrush path, but you can see it in DIM, so what's still wrong?

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  • Resolved the path, but when from Daz studio i send to Zbrush, it open the program and Zbrush always crashes.

  • Since no suggestions, i tried to make morphs with "Morph Loader Pro" inside Daz studio and Zbrush, everything works fine if i use base figure Genesis 8, but with a different character the morphing came out deformed as you can see in pictures.
    image 1: Genesis 8 Male
    image 2: Genesis 8 Male with morphing process made in Zbrush
    image 3: Character before Morph Loader
    image 4: Character before Morph Loader 2nd step
    image 5: Character base resolution imported in Zbrush
    image 6: Character higher resolution improved in Zbrush
    image 7: Morphing on character, only ears
    image 8: Restore base resolution on morphed character
    image 9: Character imported in Daz Studio with morphing slider
    image 10: Character morphing incorrect, it increase a lot the character dimensions and deform all the face, not only ears.
    Someone have suggestions please? Thanks.

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